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Whether you have just moved to Chicago or have been its resident for some time, you will get the urge to go out. After being unable to do so for some time because of the pandemic, the urge is probably even stronger. Some people enjoy mingling more than others, but everyone wants to meet new people at some point. It doesn’t matter if you are single or not, new friends are always welcome. And in a city this big, it is not difficult to find interesting new people and some of the best professional movers Chicago. In this article, we will list some of the top-rated Chicago places for mingling.

How did we make the list of the best Chicago places for mingling?

Using the opinions of people doesn’t do much, because everyone has different preferences. But when it comes to moving, you can rest assured that if someone recommends to you some residential movers Chicago, they are most likely good. Because of that, we used metrics like:

  • The general vibe
  • The offered activities
  • The volume level
  • The price

All of the places listed below are great places to meet new people to add to your friend’s list, or to be your potential significant other.

Couple looking at each other at a bar
Bars are great places to meet new people

The Hideout

Even if you don’t like to dance when in public, you will probably do so in this bar. The music is amazing, and the atmosphere is quite intimate. Meeting new people can be a bit tricky in a spot this loud, but you probably won’t want to talk when you listen to a rhythm that just wants to make your move. Once the music dies down, you can stay and get to know the person that you danced with all night long.

Green Door Tavern

In the pool of River North bars that charge a ridiculous price for a drink, and attend only a certain group of people, this bar is a nice exception and one of the best Chicago places for mingling. Apart from a full menu of delicious food and reasonably priced drinks, this bar has a dancefloor perfect for people to get to know each other. Making new friends can help you get to know the city faster after recently moving here using moving boxes Chicago. if you go downstairs to this bar, you can find a speakeasy that is probably the best place in the city to have a date.

Logan Arcade

If you are an arcade game lover, the chances are high that you will meet like-minded people here. And apart, what better way is there to destress after packing away all the packing supplies Chicago than playing some games? The bar is quiet, with a lot of arcade cabinets that are meant to be played with other people. They also have events like movie Mondays and magic Wednesdays.

Picture of an arcade game in one of the best Chicago places for mingling
Arcade games are a nice way to get to know new people

Conclusion on the best Chicago places for mingling

Chicago is a big city, and this is not an extensive list of the best Chicago places for mingling. There are more places that you could and should visit, but we listed a few of the top-rated places to get you started somewhere. If you just moved to Chicago, you have plenty of time to get to know all the good bars and places to meet new people.

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