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Anyone who lives, or has at some point lived in any of the Chicago’s many neighborhoods knows winters are long. With snow clinging to the streets for so long, it’s hard to imagine that warmer months are coming. Summer is the time when the city really comes to life, though both seasons are charming in their own way. No matter what time of year you choose to hire Chicago area movers, you will surely have some questions. Questions like “What are the best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers?”, or “Where is the rent affordable?”.  Luckily for you, we have the answers right here. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, just ask anyone who lives there. Chicagoans take great pride in their little slice of heaven. So if you want to join their ranks, you’ll want to get to know the city and its neighborhoods.

Lakeview, one of the best Chicago Neighborhoods for newcomers and sport lovers

If you are a recent college graduate, that means you are young, trendy, and most likely into sports. If the answer to these is yes, then Lakeview is the place for you. Fun and excitement await at every corner, should you choose to live here. A big part of Lakeview is the area surrounding the legendary Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, also known as Wrigleyville. It contains dozens of sports-themed restaurants and bars. If you want to test your swing, you can try the batting cages in the Slugger’s World Class Sports Bar, a popular baseball-themed place.

Chicago skyline from the lake
Lakeview offers many entertainment options, as well as amazing restaurants

If you aren’t a fan of baseball, there are loads of bars that don’t carry a sports theme. In addition, Lakeview is home to Boystown, the largest LGBT orientated neighborhood in the country. In Boystown, you will find a great number of bars and nightlife hot spots. Because of this, it’s a smart idea to contact movers Lincolnwood IL as soon as possible and start packing. If you like a good laugh, comedy clubs such as Annoyance Theater and Laugh Factory await you. Boystown and Wrigleyville are a bit more hectic, but if you prefer a quieter setting, the western area of Lakeview is a silent and cozy corner.

River North – a professional neighborhood sitting on the lifeline of Chicago

In recent years, River North has become one of the best areas for young professionals and thriving newcomers in Chicago. Full of beautiful hotels, good entertainment, nightlife options, and on top of everything else, sitting right on the banks of the Chicago River. Because of the extravagant location and infrastructure, River North comes with a somewhat high price tag. Even though the rent may be on the higher end, with a smaller studio setting you back around $1500, the convenience of River North is perfect for young professionals. The accessibility and beauty make River North one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers that want to make it big.  Because of its prime location, the neighborhood welcomed a few new skyscrapers in recent years, further expanding the beautiful skyline.

Chicago river running through downtown
River North sits on an amazing location, right on top of the Chicago river

River North boasts a growing restaurant scene, with places such as the Arabella, Mason, and Walton Street Kitchen and Bar, so good food is always waiting. It is worth mentioning that the area is home to the Merchandise Mart, a popular home and office space, which held the title of the largest building in the world, at the time of its construction. There is no better place to get to know the Windy City than River North. Many cocktail bars grace this trendy area as well, such as the Three Dots and a Dash tiki bar. On weekends, you can meet many other young millennials over Polynesian inspired drinks. Besides, nothing can beat the beautiful view of the iconic skyscrapers from the Chicago river’s vantage points.

Best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers and young artist begin with Wicker Park

Around fifteen years ago, Wicker Park became a real magnet for starving artists looking for a place to call their own with low rent. Over the years, a lot has changed, and this neighborhood is now considered the new Lincoln Park. If you are on the hunt for hip neighborhoods full of concert hubs and various art galleries, Wicker Park welcomes you. Finding a rental apartment here won’t be difficult, because Wicker just keeps growing. Since the area got gentrified over time, this attracted a more sophisticated crowd. In turn, the sophisticated crowd attracted high-quality restaurants to the area. One of the most famous is certainly Schwa, which mixes cooking, art, and science into one fine dish. If an art show or a concert followed by fine dining sounds like your night out, then there is no better place for you than Wicker Park.

Rogers Park, a quiet yet diverse place

This quiet area sits on the northern edge of the city, retaining its cozy residential charm. Don’t let that fool you though, Rogers Park just so happens to be among the most integrated and diverse neighborhoods. The rent here is fairly low, and it will set you back around $850 for a one-bedroom studio. Rogers Park is preferred by people who like cheap apartments, and easy lake and train access. The only exception to this is the southeast corner of the area, mainly populated by students attending Loyola University. Regardless if you are a young student, or are looking for a place to move with your family, Rogers Park is the spot.

Train going through best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers
Rogers Park is a quiet suburb with good connections to the city center.

There’s no lie in saying that you are pretty far away from the center here, but that’s no problem. With four stops of the Red Line public transport route, and the option to catch the Purple Line at Howard make transit a piece of cake. The cuisine here isn’t as abundant as in other neighborhoods, but it’s pretty solid. The restaurants have a laid back atmosphere and the food is amazing. Rogers Park truly is one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for newcomers. It is quiet, yet lively enough for young people to settle in. Heading downtown, you will be guaranteed a seat on the train. The rent is really affordable, considering how large the apartments are. There really is no reason for you not to come to Rogers Park and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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