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There are many reasons one would want to relocate. Some do it to pursue their careers, others to find a little piece of heaven to call their own. However, finding Chicago neighborhoods for families is another category. In this article, we will help you discover some of the neighborhoods in Chicago which might suit the lifestyle you and your family share.

a riverside view of Chicago neighborhoods for families
Plenty of outdoor activities and cultural events make the city of Chicago a great place for families

Hiring professional movers Chicago is a great way to ensure the longevity of your items and reduce the stress of the whole moving process. When moving with a family you want to be able to do things quickly and on schedule. Moreover, it is important that you find the right neighborhood for your family and that requires some research.

The city of Chicago

The city of Chicago is located on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. This multicultural city boasts with its population diversity and a hard-working community that reflects the ideal of the social fabric. Moreover, this city is known as a very passionate sports town. Having extensive parklands that spread out throughout the city, it attracts over 86 million tourists on a yearly basis. The city is a host to many cultural and entertainment events throughout the year. It is safe to say that Chicago has a lot to offer to anyone who is interested in visiting the city. Moreover, there are over 600 parks, 500 playgrounds, 70 nature sanctuaries, over 96 beaches etc. But what about Chicago neighborhoods for families? Well, with everything you can do in the city and the diversity it boasts you can rest assured that there is a little something for everyone.

Best Chicago neighborhoods for families in 2020

Being the city of many cultures and different activities throughout the year, we are certain there is something for everyone to be found. Because of this, we came to the conclusion that it would be best if you got to know some friendly neighborhoods you can reside in. Depending on what your preferences are, we singled out a couple of neighborhoods you and your family might find interesting. The whole relocation process is something you should not worry about if you consider hiring Chicago area movers. Professional moving companies, especially local ones, will provide one of the best services you can find. This will help you settle in easier and allow you to focus on other matters.

West Loop

West Loop is a great location with safe streets and good schooling system. This neighborhood was once an industrial area but recently started expanding rapidly. Now, this part of town offers award-winning preschools, stunning apartments and many culinary gems you will appreciate. Having frequent local events and an amazing cuisine diversity, this part of town is perfect for families who consider themselves foodies and love visiting different events throughout the whole year.

sushi stacked on a tray
Because the city has a very diverse culture, you can enjoy different types of cuisines from all around the world

Brooklyn Boulders are a great place for your kids to enjoy physical activities, or they can practice the art of acting in the Chicago Children’s Theater. Homes in West Loop vary in sizes, prices, and styles, so we do not doubt you will find what you are looking for. If you are moving to Chicago from a small town, this neighborhood can be the perfect destination for you.

Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square is a perfect Chicago neighborhood for families located right in the city. If you plan on starting a business or plan on relocating your business this part of town is perfect for you. This neighborhood supports its people. There are many independent and private shops owned by people who live in the neighborhood. As we said above, this city boasts its diversity and because of that, you can find amazing multicultural restaurants all over the neighborhood. The neighborhood also overs a lot of family-friendly activities, some of them being:

  • Welles park
  • River Park
  • The Book Cellar
  • Cooking classes at The Chopping block
  • A variety of different playgrounds and trails for a more active lifestyle

There are many single-family homes to be found here, but there is a large variety of homes of different sizes and styles. During the nighttime, you might enjoy some stand-up comedy or theater performances, while during the day you can shop at independent boutiques and high-end stores.


Edgewater tends to be more on the expensive side of Chicago neighborhoods for families. The housing price ranges from 250 thousand dollars to multi-million prices for newly constructed homes. Nonetheless, this part of the city has a lot of fun activities to offer. Take a trip by the Osterman beach and enjoy sandy beaches and a variety of water sports. Or, enjoy different performances of American classics, readings and children’s performance. There are a lot of water activities you and your family can enjoy. So if you are somewhat of an active family, this part of the city will be perfect for you.

a kayak on the shoreline
The variety of water activities Edgewater has to offer allows your family to enjoy a recreational activity and live a healthier lifestyle

Moreover, Edgewater is a great place for all food lovers with a lot of Mexican, Korean and traditional American cuisine. If you love a good glass of wine with your meal then there is no better place than this. Another great sight to see in this part of town is the St. Ita Catholic Church which dates back to 1927. and is still standing today. The amazing architecture of the church will leave you speechless and amazed.

Professional movers can help you transport your belongings

Professional moving companies, like movers Northbrook, IL offer their clients a variety of services that can help you relocate faster. Moreover, these professional companies have a lot of experience and knowledge of the city which can only benefit you. You should not risk the longevity of your items and their condition by doing it yourself. While you browse through the best Chicago neighborhoods for families, allow movers to take care of your belongings with a professional approach.

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