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Chicago is a huge city where you can find something for everybody’s taste. From incredible food to jazz music, you can find it all. One thing that Chicago is very well known for is art. It is home to many masterpieces of world-famous artists like Picasso, and it is also a great place for artists who are just starting. There is no better place for that than Chicago, where you can see photographers, painters, and sculptors almost everywhere. Moving here with some professional movers Chicago will certainly give you a great environment to thrive. But which part of this big city should you choose? We will give you the best Chicago neighborhoods for budding artists.

Which are the best Chicago Neighborhoods for budding artists?

When there is a huge selection of neighborhoods to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice. The same goes for picking some moving boxes Chicago. But fear not, because we will give you a few options from the top-rated Chicago neighborhoods for budding artists. Some of the most famous are:

  • Elmhurst
  • Bucktown
  • Oak Park
Man looking for some of the Chicago neighborhoods for budding artists
Chicago has quite a few good neighborhoods for artist


This neighborhood has a very good location, mostly because it is close to an international airport. If you choose this neighborhood as your new home, some long distance movers Chicago will gladly help move here. Art has been celebrated in this neighborhood for a long time, and it still is to this day. If you want to learn more and advance your skills, look no more. You can become part of the Elmhurst Artists Guild. Its mission is to give art education to anyone willing to learn. For those who just want to admire others people’s work, you have the Elmhurst Art Museum, which is a center for art exhibitions.


This neighborhood is the one that does the most for promoting new artists, thanks to its extensive number of gallery spaces and venues. Intuit is a gallery that gives an advantage to artists outside of the mainstream art world. It showcases the pieces of artists motivated by their unique vision, mostly local people. Flatiron Arts Building is another place you should check out after packing away the packing supplies Chicago when you finish moving. This complex is home to many spaces for different kinds of artists and even fashion designers.

Oak Park

Oak Park has lured art lovers for a long time, and that doesn’t stop today. Apart from having an impressive number of Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired homes, it also has an arts scene. The majority of it is centered in the Arts District. Apart from many galleries, you can also find local businesses and shops dedicated to all kinds of art. Once you get to know your neighborhood, you will see just how awesome it is.

Woman painting
There are many local shops dedicated to art in Oak Park

Apart from the three we listed, there are also other Chicago neighborhoods for budding artists. But taking into consideration things like the cost of living and other amenities, these three are the best. We hope to have expanded your horizons and wish you a successful move!

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