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Moving, together with planning a move, should be a happy and stress-free occasion. However, this is not always the case. Your main goal is to plan it in a way that is as smooth as it can be. To be able to do this, you need to pick and choose between a lot of options in different areas. For example, will you hire Golan’s Moving & Storage, or do the move yourself? If you hire them, will they only do the packing or the entire move? What about packing your things? Will you use any old cardboard box or plastic moving bins? Here, we have prepared a guide that will focus on the benefits of using plastic moving bins and the convenience that comes with them.

One of the main benefits of using plastic moving bins is the durability

When you are taking on the task of packing your items, the number one mission is doing it properly and with care. Buying packing boxes and storing your things in them is a very popular tip. When it comes to advice for hiring movers, this is an often recommended move.

You can buy many boxes that have a function, and are a very reliable way of moving things. However, there are a few reasons why you should take using plastic moving bins into account. The first and most obvious one is the level of practical benefits they bring with them. Plastic bins are far more durable and stronger compared with regular cardboard boxes. No matter how some cardboard boxes may be, plastic bins will still come out on top.

weak cardboard boxes showing the benefits of using plastic moving bins
Cardboard boxes are far weaker compared to their plastic counterparts

They owe their strength and rigidity due to the fact they are made from dense polyethylene. Even though the material is so tough, the boxes are still very light and easy to carry. These boxes can endure a lot of weight and abuse without the risk of damage, regardless of being so light. Since there are many different types of items in our homes, reliability is important when buying moving boxes Chicago. Plastic bins can take on pretty much anything.

Storing electronic devices is easy, even though you have to clean and protect them prior. They are also great for packing tools. In most cases, the bins will be able to endure any type or weight of the tools packed in them. Furthermore, plastic bins are much more resistant to outside pressure, and can hardly rip or collapse.

When moving, space is a very important factor

The amount of space that your items take up during a move is a very important thing to think about. Again, this is where the benefits of using plastic moving bins come to save the day. Not only are these boxes sturdy and safe, but they are also very practical to handle. Plastic bins are very easy to carry, load and unload, and they can even stack upon each other. Storing items in them is much simpler and efficient than trying the same feat with regular cardboard boxes. Stacking 10 full cardboard boxes on top of each other is very difficult without them breaking under their own weight.

boxes and palettes on high shelves in a warehouse
When packing, you want to make use of as much space as possible

You won’t experience this with plastic bins. If you try to do the same thing with bins, they won’t break down or warp under pressure. They will stand, and continue standing for as long as you need them to. With that in mind, they save a lot of time, and also money.

For example, if you are able to utilize the packing space to its limits, you won’t have to rent two moving trucks. Even better, you may be able to rent a smaller one. Also, another thing worth mentioning is the level at which you pack your boxes. When packing a cardboard box, you shouldn’t fill it to the very top, as you risk the box tearing. With plastic bins, this is not the case, so you can fill it to the brim without any worries.

The longevity of plastic bins is greater compared to other types of boxes

When storing items, you want high-quality packing materials. Organic matter makes up most of the regular boxes. This means that after a certain period of time, they are very likely to catch mold, and start deteriorating. With plastic bins, this is another thing you will not have to worry about. Whether you decide to rent or buy plastic bins, you should know that they are a smart and lasting investment. If you consider the fact that these boxes can be used indefinitely, it is easy to realize they are eco-friendly because of their longevity.

cupped hands holding a small plant
Plastic bins are a smart, affordable, and eco-friendly choice!

Buying cardboard boxes over and over again has a negative impact on the environment, together with being a waste of money. The fact you can use the plastic alternative to cardboard, means they are a much better choice ecologically speaking. All in all, not only are bins durable and ergonomic, they are a cheap and green solution for any move. If, however, you do decide to get rid of your plastic bins, make sure to dispose of them accordingly. Given the fact plastic takes a very long time to decompose, it needs to be properly recycled.

The benefits of using plastic moving bins don’t just end there

One of the best tips anyone can give you is to prepare your packed goods for weather conditions before storing them. Depending on the time of year, your items can go on a pretty wild ride when it comes to outside conditions. This only gets more complicated if you are moving in the winter or fall. Plastic moving bins are water-resistant, meaning they will protect whatever is inside from mold, moisture, and rot. One more checkmark on the list of benefits of using plastic moving bins is the fact they have lids.

As trivial as it may seem, lids are a great layer of protection for your precious belongings. If you leave your possessions in storage for a long time, the lid seals will protect whatever is inside better than any tape or saran wrap. Your items will stay safe and dry no matter the weather.

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