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Moving to a new area always has that feeling of discomfort. It is only until you learn about the location that you can start to relax and feel more at home. On the other side, moving your family to Evanston, for example, is a lot harder. Not only because you will have more items to relocate, although it will make it harder. But because you have to ensure that your entire family feels like they belong there. To ensure that, you have to know what to expect in a city. Furthermore, if you have little to no experience in relocations we advise you to consider hiring professional movers, like moving companies Chicago. As this relocation needs to be perfect, you would want to consider people with experience who are there to guide you and grant a helping hand.

Moving your family to Evanston

Evanston is a city in the state of Illinois. Also, the city is in Cook County, which is a part of the Chicagoland area. Furthermore, the city is around 12 miles from downtown Chicago and is settled on the North Shore of Lake Michigan. Around 75.000 people live in the area and it is considered one of the best places to live in Illinois.

two parents and a child standing on the shore as one of things to do when moving your family to Evanston
Great schools, safety, and outdoor activities are just some of the reasons many families decide to move there

Moreover, the city of Evanston attracts a lot of young professionals, which are owning, more than renting their homes. This means that there are a lot of job opportunities in the area. On the other hand, the highly-rated public school system also allows a lot of families to settle in the city. This, on top of safety and lovely outdoors are the main reason people love living here. Now, let us discuss the benefits your family will enjoy there.

The cost of living

This one is for the parents. Namely, the city has a lot of job opportunities. One of the main reasons many young professionals find their home there is the job market. On average, the household income would be around $79.000, while the national average income is $62.850. However, the housing is a bit higher than average, being at $391.500, while the average is $218.000. Although the majority of the population is owning their homes, around 43% of them are renting. As jobs go, the biggest employer in the area is the Northwest University. However, being only 12 miles away from downtown Chicago, one could easily find a job there and commute. If you are planning on moving, consider hiring Evanston moving company services for your relocation process. This way, you will think more about the opportunities that await, instead of packing and handling your items.

Great schools

Evanston is bustling with students. One of the most popular locations in the area is the Northwest Univesity that has a great history. Furthermore, if you have smaller children, you can choose between 36 different schools in the area. The fun part? Well, out of those 36 schools, 23 have an A grade or higher.

a teacher with children inside a classroom
The top-notch public schooling system is the number one priority for families that come here

To support the idea of high-quality education in the area is the data that shows that 38% of the population has a master’s degree or higher. Another reason why students are drawn to the area is that they can hop on the train and be in Chicago in no time. If you want to ensure your children have top-notch education, consider hiring moving companies in Niles, to help you with moving your family to Evanston.

Moving your family to Evanston opens up the world of outdoor activities

If you are to relocate to Evanston, you would find that there are a lot of fun things you and your family could do outside. There are around 77 parks in the area which means that around 98% of homes there are in the vicinity of a park. If parks are not enough, you can spend time on one of five beaches in the city. If this is not enough, you can always visit everything that the Windy City has to offer and enjoy your day there. On the other hand, if you want your family to be active and enjoy a frequent nice walk or a bike ride, there is no doubt that Evanston is the perfect place for that. So, if you are wondering “Should I live in Evanston?” and you love outdoor adventures, the answer is definitely yes.

Low crime rates mean the community is doing its best

Another great advantage of living in Evanston is that there is a very low crime rate in the city. More importantly, the crime rate of the area is lower than the national average. This means that, if you plan to move here with your family, you can rest assured that they will be safe and, most importantly, have a good time. On the other hand, the community itself is quite engaging. Furthermore, the tightly-knit community the residents maintain will make you feel at home at no time.

a large number of people passing the street
The tightly-knit community helps preserve the safety of residents living in the area

Before the pandemic, the community often organized a variety of events. Nowadays, there are frequent online events everyone from the city can enjoy. Great schools, plenty of outdoor activities, and low crime are exactly what a parent would want for their children.

What are the cons of living there?

Of course, if you are moving your family to Evanston, you would want to weigh in the good and the bad stuff. As we talked about what is good in the city, let us talk about the other side of it.

  • Higher housing costs – The housing in the area is higher than the national average
  • Commuting might take some time – The average commuting time is about 31 minutes
  • You will most likely experience harsh winters – If you are not a winter person you might find it overwhelming to live in the city during the winter
  • Slightly higher cost of living – The living costs in the area might be slightly higher than average. However, people in the city are making more money per household than the national average.

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