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The Village of Elmwood Park is a Chicago suburb located west of the city. It rests on one of the greatest points of elevation in this region. Elmwood Park is bordered by Harlem Avenue on the east, North Avenue on the south, Thatcher Avenue on the west, and Belmont Avenue on the north. If you are still uncertain whether there are any benefits of leaving downtown Chicago for Elmwood Park, rest assured that this place is ideal both for those who want to settle down with families and those that want to start a new life.

1. Standard of living

When it comes to living standards, everything depends on your point of view. Some people who live in downtown Chicago live in a more pricey area because it means they will have easy access to all of its attractions. Others, on the other hand, prefer to live in a less expensive apartment save their money for others things. If downtown Chicago is too expensive for you, moving to Elmwood park might be a wise choice. Elmwood Park isn’t inexpensive but the average household income is about $72,000. That is significantly more than the national average of roughly $55,000.

dollar bills
One of the most important benefits of leaving downtown Chicago for Elmwood Park is the standard of living.

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Elmwood Park’s overall livability score is higher than the national average.  This rating is the sum of the city’s characteristics, which are then weighed to determine a decent standard quality of life in comparison to other cities. The livability score takes into account education, crime, cost of living, and the general satisfaction of inhabitants. Elwood Park ranks well in terms of education, crime, and diversity. Unlike downtown Chicago, which is lively and busy, Elmwood Park actually has something for everyone, which is why it is such a terrific area to live.

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2. Crime

Being a large metropolis, Chicago has both safe and dangerous areas. While some areas have high rates of violent crime, others are safer for inhabitants and visitors. Despite the fact that the rate of increase of murders has reduced since 2020, the last two years were the worst since the mid-1990s in downtown Chicago. On the other hand, Elmwood Park is one of Chicago’s safe neighborhoods, making it ideal for living. Furthermore, the crime rate in Elmwood Park is 72% lower than the average crime rate in Chicago.

a thief with handcuffs
The crime rate in Elmwood Park is considerably lower than in downtown Chicago.

Since it is a peaceful place, you might not have any issues with your local movers Chicago. When relocating to Chicago, there is a lot to consider. You will need to go through plenty of details that may quickly spiral out of hand and turn your move into a nightmare. You have a lot on your mind, from packing your items and finding a new home to dealing with paperwork and transportation. By hiring Golan’s Moving professionals, you will rest assured that the relocation will be stress-free and even enjoyable! They are the local movers Chicago residents can rely on, and who are eagerly awaiting your call.

3. More outdoor space

One of the primary reasons why people relocate to the suburbs is to have more space, both indoor and outdoor. Owning a large house with additional bedrooms and bathrooms allows your children to have their own rooms and gives you more solitude. Unlike big cities, where people live in closes quarters, there will be a lot of space between you and your neighbors. Furthermore, having a yard is a significant benefit of leaving downtown Chicago for Elmwood Park. If you have children, you understand how vital outdoor space is, especially in this era of social isolation. From backyard barbecues to swing sets, extra space might significantly improve your life.

If you are considering moving to Illinois, make sure to check the services and advice Golan’s Moving provides. According to their professionals, the biggest advantage to moving to Illinois is the possibility to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. If you hire them, they will make sure to give proper advice about your relocation, packing, and transporting items. They also suggest getting your moving estimates. Namely, you might want to avoid choosing a company based on the lowest estimate. In most cases, cheap means inferior quality.

4. Peace and quiet

In case you don’t prefer large cities with crowds of people, waiting in rows for hours, and getting stuck in traffic every day, relocating to Elmwood Park might be the perfect choice for you and your family. Namely, you won’t find much peace and quiet in a metropolis, from roaring cars to screaming sirens. Moving to Elmwood Park, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for people who are tired of the noise and crowds.

a woman thinking about benefits of leaving downtown Chicago for Elmwood Park
If you are worried that a new place will be too loud and noisy for your preferences, moving to Elmwood Park might be a perfect option.

Final thoughts

Hiring experienced movers to handle your relocation from downtown Chicago to Elmwood Park is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Moving from a huge metropolitan area needs substantial experience and efficiency. Golan’s Moving’s network of renowned and dependable movers represent the best choice for transporting your possessions to the suburbs. This company is licensed and insured and you don’t have to worry that your move is in excellent hands. There are a few benefits of leaving downtown Chicago for Elmwood Park. Some of them include affordability, crime rate, outdoor space, and tranquility. Make sure to consider all these factors before you decide to move.

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