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Moving is an exciting event in your life. However, before starting with the actual moving preparations, you need to know how much approximately your relocation will cost. Hiring professional movers Chicago will make the whole process much easier. In addition, it is important to plan your moving budget regarding moving costs in Chicago. You will need to know which factors determine the costs of moving. Therefore, read this article and learn how much money you will need to spend on your relocation.

Essential moving costs in Chicago

When calculating your moving costs, professional moving companies consider several key factors. Some of the most common factors depend on the size of your home and how many items you will need to transport. In addition, Chicago movers cost also depend on the season when you plan to relocate. As a rule, moving during winter is cheaper. Other factors include travel time, packing services, stairs and elevators, the number of people, and declared valuation.

a person calculating moving costs in Chicago
Moving costs depend on various different factors

Hourly rates

For local moves around Chicago, moving companies charge depending on how many people will be in the moving crew. In general, local moving rates vary from $100 to $240 per hour. For example, for a 2-person residential movers Chicago crew, you will have to pay from $100 to $140. If you have 3 people in the crew, prepare from $150 to $180. Finally, for 4 or more people it can cost you up to $240 per hour.

Packing services

If you do not have time to pack your belongings, professional movers offer this service. In addition, you will not only get the packing crew but also all the necessary packing materials. Moving costs for packing services Chicago can cost from $25 per hour. Optionally, you can book unpacking services as well. Professional packers will significantly reduce the time you will spend on moving preparations.

Using storage services

When moving you will certainly need more space to store your belongings. For this reason, you can rent a storage unit or units before, during, and after the relocation. Renting storage Skokie means that you will have a clean, fire-proof, climate-controlled storage unit. This is a great way of keeping all the belongings you need and having more space at home. The average rent cost of a storage unit in Chicago is starting from $60 a month.

a climate-controlled storga eunit with purple doors
Moving costs in Chicago should also include renting a storage unit

Handling special items, moving permits, and insurance moving costs in Chicago

For huge or sensitive items such as your piano, safe, or pool table movers can charge you from $100-$1000 depending on the item you plan to relocate. Packing and relocating mirrors and paintings can range from $50 to $100. Moving permits for moving trucks can cost you around $25, or $50 if moving out of the city. To secure your items, additional moving insurance typically costs $0.65 per pound. It is strongly advisable to get some kind of additional moving insurance in case of any damage or loss.

There are many different factors that can affect moving costs in Chicago. The key to successful moving preparations is to inform yourself of all the costs that moving home includes. Finally, make sure to find a reliable moving company to make sure that your belongings will arrive safely.



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