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The relocation has finally finished. All that stress, effort, time, and money invested, now it’s time to organize your new home in Skokie. Your rental period at one of the numerous and really great storage units Skokie could offer has expired. Therefore, you have to consider some at-home storage solutions in order to place all that stuff. Keep reading to find out how to use your space at home to the fullest. You will also learn how to create some additional space for those things arriving at your place. 

Decluttering prior to at-home storage solutions

The primary rule-of-thumb says that if you believe you don’t have much space to load everything, then you should declutter. It isn’t always as simple as this rule looks like. For instance, you hired some Glenview movers to relocate your belongings to Skokie. They placed your whole life from Glenview in that storage. And now you have to part with some of your memories. That is life, indeed. New memories are to arrive. 

Photos in a box and books
In order to declutter, you must separate and sort out your possessions. You will also have to say goodbye to some memories.

How to declutter?

We recommend that you go through all your possessions, sort them out, and get rid of those you don’t actually need. If you are wondering how to do it right after you unpack the stuff, here we are with our best advice. The following tips have already proven to be useful and not once, not twice, but thousands of times. 

There should be four piles:

  1. things for donating or giving away, such as unnecessary clothes, furniture, gadgets;
  2. items for selling, like ones you don’t need but are in a very good condition;
  3. stuff for throwing out and recycling, such as damaged, broken, or useless things;
  4. objects for keeping.

Five simple storage ideas

Once you’ve sorted out your possessions and parted with some of them, you need to find the right places to store them in your new house or apartment. Believe us, if you are moving from a large to a smaller place, these at-home storage solutions are really useful. What is more, they are cheap and don’t require much effort or labor. These are some small things that will make your life less difficult.

Basktes as at-home storage solutions
Baskets, boxes, and dividers are great to maximize the use of vertical space on shelves.
  1. Use the free storage space in your furniture. Most beds, sofas, settees, and ottomans have some space underneath that you can use. For example, put your season shoes or bed linen down there. Keep some books and magazines inside an ottoman. Use every shelf, cabinet, and chest of drawers. 
  2. Get lots of boxes and baskets. They are proven to be amazing storage ideas. Find some that are both practical and nice. Put them inside your wardrobes, cupboards, or cabinets. That way, small things, like socks, underwear, cups, kitchen utensils, etc. will always be in the right order. 
  3. Place some dividers on the shelves. They will provide you with more storage space so you will be able to place far more stuff on the shelves. In addition, they will contribute to the organization of the stuff. 
  4. One of our at-home storage solutions is a hook on the door. Buy some hooks that you can hang on the door, wall, or even wardrobe. There you might want to keep some hairbrushes, hairpins, cotton swabs, kitchen utensils, toys, candy, etc.
  5. You can utilize hanging wall photo frames. They will have two stunning effects. First, they will have a great wall decoration purpose. Besides, they will free up space on your shelves and desks.

More demanding at-home storage solutions

Did you manage to declutter and to make use of the abovementioned easy ideas? Do you feel like that is not enough? Are you still craving for even more space? Here are some more fantastic DIY storage solutions that are truly pragmatic. However, in order to put those solutions into effect, you need a little bit more effort and time. Furthermore, some of them require spending some bucks, as well.

Shelves are great DIY storage solutions

If you have plenty of vertical space, then go for it. In order to fill it, you ought to buy or build shelves that will rise all the way to the ceiling. Lower parts are for the things that you regularly use. On the other hand, load higher parts with stuff that is rarely used. In case you build open shelves, you can put some non-transparent curtains as covers. 

As storage ideas for the kitchen, use shelves and cupboards as much as possible.

When it comes to your living room, dining room, or bedroom, you can always add smaller shelves on the walls. Moreover, if there is a lot of space inside one of your closets, you can put some more shelves there too. They are always a practical solution as they utilize free space in a more effective way.

Hanging rails are amazing storage ideas

If you prefer a modern and open space, you will definitely fall in love with rails hanging from the ceiling. Those rails seem to be convenient DIY storage solutions indeed. So why don’t you hang some of your clothes, ladles, cups, or tools there?

Make use of dead space

Most apartments and houses have some dead space. There are numerous truly pragmatic dead space ideas, and they vary from flat to flat. To illustrate, that can be space under the stairs, narrow space between the walls, or under the V-shaped ceiling of a top-floor apartment. Such space is good for more shelves and cabinets. You can keep anything you wish there. Or use it for decorative purposes only. 

Be creative with at-home storage solutions

All in all, try some of these ideas and you will see what is best. There are numerous ways to get to the most practical at-home storage solutions. And creativity is definitely of key importance here. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid of experimenting. 

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