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Moving from a house to an apartment can be a terribly difficult experience at first. Apartments are usually smaller than houses it is problematic to downsize. Imagine, for instance, that you hired some Glenview movers to relocate from your spacious Glenview house to a tiny Chigaco apartment. In that case, you would definitely crave for more space. Our apartment living guide will help you learn the ropes. And not only will it be useful for you, but also for those people who have already got used to living in flats and condos.

Decluttering as the base for the apartment living guide

The first and foremost step with every relocation is decluttering. That’s the perfect moment to get rid of the things you haven’t used for ages. And you won’t make use of them while living in an apartment later. Although it takes some time, you will be glad not to have to pack every single item in dozens of moving boxes Chicago movers and stores can offer. Not to mention the expensive transport of so many bulks to a new home. 

New living room
Why do you have to move every single item to the new apartment? Your old half-torn sofa doesn’t fit the new nest, does it?

The best way to declutter is to start from one room. Divide the space into four parts which will serve as places where you will put four different piles. Remember that only one of them will include the stuff for keeping. The rest will consist of the things you should part with. 

What to throw out into the garbage?

Dig deep into your wardrobes, shelves, and cupboards. What have you found? Old school notebooks, old newspapers, cracked cups, torn garden shoes? Are those shelves and wardrobes severely damaged indeed? All apartment living tips have a golden rule that bringing damaged items into a new apartment is bad luck. That put aside, who really needs them when they are useless?

One important notion here is not to forget to be environmentally friendly. All those notebooks, newspapers, cracked glasses, etc. can be recycled. Therefore, one of the most significant tips from this apartment living guide would be to throw them away in the right garbage cans and containers. Should you have an old TV, which doesn’t work anymore, find where you can dispose of e-waste safely. It is not fair to the environment if you lazily put everything into the same container. 

What to do with the things you don’t need and don’t want to throw away?

Some items are not damaged but they don’t fit your new apartment. Most people give them away before they start living in an apartment that is not similar to their old home. Ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or relatives whether they want them. Otherwise, you can always give them to charity or local communities and organizations. 

A crib and a chair with a teddy bear
Has your child already grown up? It is high time you gave the crib away.

Another good idea is to try selling them. There are numerous websites for that purpose. Moreover, if you have some antique furniture and items, sell them to antique stores. Apart from that, you might wish to organize a yard sale in Chicago, which is an amazing opportunity to earn some money. It can be a garage sale as well. 

First-time renters’ apartment living tips

If you are renting an apartment for the first time in your life, there are a few things to pay attention to:

  1. Invest in some quality renters insurance.
  2. Budget wisely and don’t neglect to pay bills.
  3. Check what amenities you are allowed to utilize.
  4. Carefully choose a roommate, if any. 
  5. Living in an apartment means sharing the building with others.
  6. Make friends with your neighbors.
  7. Know the rules and respect them.
  8. Consider some at-home storage solutions to maximize the space.
  9. Pick a calm building without bars on the top.
  10. You don’t need the newest furniture immediately

Certainly, this is not the most comprehensive list of important details. In addition to this apartment living guide, you should carry out your own research. Don’t avoid asking questions and requiring clarifications from your landlord or agency.

Apartment living guide on the cheap

If you don’t earn much and need to rent an apartment, consider some ways how to find a cheap home. There are some programs for people with low income who are thinking of living in an apartment. For instance, if your income doesn’t surpass the necessary limit, you may be entitled to subsidized housing or housing check vouchers. What is more, look for an apartment in Chicago’s most affordable neighborhoods, such as Albany Park, Avondale, Bridgeport, etc. 

Apartment living guide for the experienced

In case you are an experienced renter of apartments, you have already learned all tips and tricks. You probably don’t need a detailed apartment living guide as you possess enough knowledge about those rules. The only problem can be finding a way to handle moving into a smaller apartment if that is the case. As mentioned before, you will have to declutter in order to succeed in downsizing. For that reason, start planning on time and you won’t have many issues. 

Always be a good neighbor

Once you move into a new apartment, think of throwing a housewarming party. That is a unique opportunity to befriend your neighbors. When you meet them, you ought to cherish a good relationship with them. Sometimes, you will need their permission to do something and you don’t want to risk being rejected. Yet, living in an apartment doesn’t mean living completely alone.

Women sitting on a couch
Welcome your neighbors and behave in a friendly way.

You should be kind and helpful to your neighbors. If they perceive you in that way, you will be more likely to avoid conflicts. To illustrate, a rude person won’t be tolerated even the tiniest mistake. But if you are as polite as this apartment living guide recommends, making some noise once in a blue moon won’t be such an issue. Still, you’d better not exaggerate and misuse their trust. 

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