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Moving with your family is not only one of the most precious events but the one you must take seriously. It will take a lot of planning and organizing but the results will end up in countless benefits for everyone. And the moment you chose a location to move to, everything will seem much easier and more clear. If you are thinking about moving to Chicago, there will be a lot of options in front of you. This city has plenty of neighborhoods to choose from and the outcome depends on many things. To help you out and make you and your family happy, take a look at some of the most affordable and safe Chicago neighborhoods for families!

Welcome to Chicago!

This wonderful city is the most populous one in the state of Illinois and it takes 3rd place in the entire USA. With its 2.697 million residents it represents one of those destinations people love to visit and spend time at. What you should know about Chicago before officially moving there is that it is a city of diversity. There you will find people from countless countries and states combined which is a good thing. But, by the time you start looking for moving companies Chicago, you will need to pick a perfect neighborhood to settle in. Those who never had a chance to visit this place before will immediately fall in love. No matter what neighborhood you choose and what time, Chicago has a soul that no one can resist.

Cloud Gate in Chicago
The city of Chicago is famous for countless things but it can also be a lovely home for your family

One of its many nicknames is “A City In A Garden” which immediately rings a bell. Yes, almost every corner in Chicago is covered in green parks, gardens, and special areas for its residents and tourists. The most popular ones are Millennium Park and Grant Park you and your entire family will love. These parks and gardens in Chicago are usually connected to museums, art galleries, and countless restaurants and bars. Even if you move a little bit further you will still get to enjoy them anytime you want.

Chicago neighborhoods for families

With all of its size, this city has around 77 neighborhoods as you would expect. But each one of them is different and has some traits that are specific for different age groups and lifestyles. This is why your research is essential and why you shouldn’t leave it to the case. With so many neighborhoods you and your family can find a lovely home especially if you are moving to Illinois for the first time. As Chicago residents love to say, living in this city is the best method to get to know everything this state has to offer. But let’s not forget the fact that not every single one of them will be suitable for your family. Chicago is extremely popular and due to many tourists, some of them will not be affordable or safe for that matter.

What you need to look for is a place that will provide you and your family with a suitable lifestyle. Apart from that, it has to be affordable and able to give your kids a safe childhood. When kids go through the moving process they have their own way of adapting to the change and you must be there to support them. The best way they can go through it is to be surrounded by kids of their age and a lovely community!


This perfect college suburb in Chicago is one of those places that is becoming more and more popular each day. Evanston is famous for its lovely homes, welcoming community, and amazing landscapes. Evanston movers operate in the entire area, and while they deal with your inventory, you will get a chance to enjoy your new home. If you are a fan of nature and green areas, there are plenty of them in Evanston. And when it comes to your kids, safety is something you can count on. Violent crimes in Evanston are 60% lower than the national average and that should matter a lot. If you take some time to check the real estate market you will even be able to find a nice and affordable home.

neighborhood with grey houses
When choosing a perfect place to move to, you must think about the community as well

Speaking of homes, Evanston is on the list of Chicago neighborhoods for families for a good reason. Even though the housing cost could be a little bit more over average, it is worth it. Homes and apartments are of high quality and pretty spacious. You can even come across those that have beautiful gardens if that is what you are looking for. And in terms of education, Evanston has a couple of amazing elementary schools both public and private. There are also a lot of high schools to choose from so don’t worry about them getting the education they deserve.

Des Plaines: Chicago neighborhood for families you will love too

Located just north of O’Hare International Airport there is one more Chicago neighborhood for families that you may find interesting. We are talking about Des Plaines, a place locals love and cherish. This may be just a suburb but it hides many traits you can find suitable for you and your family. In recent years a lot of families decided to start calling it home and the reason is, of course, the work. Des Plaines is home to many headquarters that will hire people willing to stay and provide services from this place. This causes the building of many new homes, areas, and buildings that are for sale. There is a chance your current company has some kind of relations with this place and you should take the opportunity to move there.

No matter where you currently live, your relocation will be easy thanks to Des Plaines movers. But before you officially decide to move you should know that this neighborhood in Chicago has other things to offer to your family. For example, health costs are way below average and rated 88/100. The housing on the other hand is a little bit more than that with 101.5/100. But the situation is pretty similar to the one in Evanston. People here get good job opportunities and the income is providing a cozy and good lifestyle.

dog in the street
It may seem like housing in Chicago neighborhoods is high, but the homes on the other hand are wonderful


Glenview is another suburb in the city of Chicago that you may find interesting. It is one of the most affordable and safest neighborhoods in the city. As a result, it is filled with families, especially young parents. Downtown Chicago is close and if you wish to go on a family trip to a big city, you can do it anytime. Schools in Glenview are amazing as well and offer different programs including trips and scouting. Speaking of nature, you will find plenty of green spots in Glenview too. What’s interesting is that this small place is famous for its row houses and areas, so expect to meet some cool neighbors. Once you make a deal with Glenview moving companies, you can even take a short trip and visit your new home in advance.

Elmwood Park

On the other hand, if you are looking for a really small and cozy neighborhood in Chicago, Elmwood Park is a perfect choice! It has an amazing history and a couple of museums and historic houses to back it up. The crime rate is pretty low, unlike some other neighborhoods in the city which is a good thing. Movers Elmwood Park IL constantly operates in the area, so you will have no issues getting there. No matter how old are your kids, they can attend some of the best schools in the state right there. You can choose between elementary, middle, or even high school depending on your kid’s age.

family posing on the grass after moving to one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for families
Even though some places in Chicago have higher crime rates, these neighborhoods are completely different

Morton Grove

Further on the list of Chicago neighborhoods for families that are safe but also affordable is this one. Locals love to say that there is no person who came to Morton Grove that didn’t wish to stay just a little bit longer or come back again. As this pretty much says it all, you may easily find your happiness here. If you have a good job or are about to get one, buying a property in Morton Grove will not be an issue for you. The rest of the factors included in the acreage living costs are way below average which makes Morton Grove perfect! Movers Morton Grove IL will be your support when it comes to moving your items. This will give you enough time to check a couple of schools this place has to offer so that you and your family can decide which one the kids will attend.

Mount Prospect is one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for families

With a population of 55,541 people, Mount Prospect is a place that attracts both families and young professionals. It is just 4 miles away from Des Plaines so you will really get a jackpot with this one. If you wish your kids to have a wonderful childhood deeply connected with all the outdoor activities look no further. Movers Mount Prospect will get you there on time, so you can as well choose summer for moving. Every corner of Mount Prospect is filled with green areas both you and your kids will love. 

Park Ridge

Another one among Chicago neighborhoods for families in Park Ridge for sure. Not only this place is breathtaking, but it has all the other traits for making you and your family happy. The unemployment rate is 3.8% but as the global pandemic ended things are looking much better for this place. Movers Park Ridge IL reports that a lot of people decided to move to Park Ridge last year mainly because of the amazing location and subtle way of living. As this sounds like something you are looking for, maybe you should consider Park Ridge as your new home.

parents sitting in the park with their daughter
Your kids should be included in the relocation and learn about the new place as well


The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for families. Lincolnwood has a population of 13,191 people and its landscape is breathtaking. If you add a wonderful community, and some of the best schools in Chicago, you will get the place you have been looking for. Before you make all arrangements with movers Lincolnwood IL, check out the real estate market. Housing cost is below average here and finding a nice and beautiful home with a garden will not be a problem. The crime rate is 2.4% smaller than the average for the entire USA meaning it is one of the safest places in the entire city.


And last, but never least, one of the most affordable and safest Chicago neighborhoods for families is Niles. If you wish movers Niles IL to help you get there, you will have plenty of time to check out the place first. What you will find is a wonderful community, ready to help you blend in. Around 30,345 people live there and the majority of them live in their own homes. You could do the same thing as well, as houses in the entire area are beautiful and more than spacious. And when it comes to things to see and do, there are plenty. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you are in Italy for a second. Yes, Niles has a replica of the Leaning Tower in Pisa!

teacher writing on the blackboard
The majority of Chicago neighborhoods for families have amazing schools

Other things to know about Chicago neighborhoods for families

Exploring the city of Chicago will be an experience of a lifetime. You and your family will get a chance to see amazing things and have a beautiful life. Once you choose a place to move to begin planning your relocation slowly. Make sure you consider all the important factors as they matter a lot. If your kids are older, include them in the entire process. This will make your relocation more successful as they will adapt much better. Each one of these Chicago neighborhoods for families has something special to offer. Feel free to embrace the change and you and your family will love to call it your home!

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