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There are suburbs around the world, but nobody does it quite like Americans. Living in the American Suburbs is something of a goal for many people, and that is for a good reason. It is generally perceived that there are a lot of advantages to moving to the suburbs. But are they all true? How do they apply to your situation? Is the price worth it and what kind of life is best led in the suburbs? All of these questions we will cover here, in our article on the pros (and a few cons) of moving to the suburbs. If you want to inform yourself about what kind of life changes moving to the suburbs will bring, we have you covered! Read more and find out!

Perfect for families

Perfect for families” is somewhat of a general conclusion that comes to mind after reviewing all the advantages of having professional movers Chicago relocate someone to suburbs. Of course, that will not be our only argument for moving to the suburbs. We have more prepared. Well, in fact, we mainly focused on three aspects that make living in suburbs perfect for moving with a family.

A house
You will find that suburbs are perfect for raising a family!
  • More space – First and foremost, when you are moving to the suburbs you are relocating to a, statistically speaking, more spacious home than what you had before. Most likely you are moving from an apartment or a condo. Trust us, the liberty of having your own front lawn and a back yard, and all that space in the house for yourself simply does not compare to anything else.
  • Safe – Suburbs are generally considered to be safe, and therefore are perfect for families.
  • Good Schools – Finally, if you are moving with kids you will be happy to know that the best primary and high schools you can find will be in many American suburbs.

Moving to the suburbs means more space

The first thing you will notice after your pick among moving companies Mount Prospect IL relocates you to your suburban home is that any downsizing is unnecessary. You just have so much space to work with. Houses are always larger than apartments.

moving to the suburbs - white house
What will moving to the suburbs mean for you?

This is even if we exclude all the benefits you get from having a backyard and a front lawn. Oh, how nice it is to sit in your own backyards, enjoying the sun while the kids play on the grass. If heaven exists on Earth, it would be very close to that…

Safer neighborhoods

The moving quotes Chicago is definitely worth it when you consider just how safe the neighborhoods you are moving into are. Suburban America is considered the safest place to be. The communities are often gated, and their relatively small size and local character reflects positively on overall public security. You will, with full right, feel safe, and secure in your suburban neighborhood.

Education options

If you are moving to Illinois suburbs you will be getting the best schools possible for your children. Suburbian schools are a safe place for your child to explore and learn. It also offers a competitive environment that will learn them the necessary work ethic under the best professors in the country. Having your kids enrolled in suburban schools is setting them up for success!


One of the great upsides of moving to the suburbs is that living in a suburb is just plain convenient. You can do most of the things you need on foot, in a neighborhood where everyone from the street knows everyone else. Schools are nice and close, the streets are enjoyable and local shops provide all that you need. Life is straightforward when you have so much space. With the backyard ready you can simply relax in the comfort of your own home, enjoying the convenience of living in suburban America.

And yet, there are things that you will have to do, like for example almost certainly buy a car. These are definitely some of the downsides.

A house in suburbns
How convenient are the suburbs?

Now, we are not saying that the advantages of living in suburbs do not exist, or that they are blown out of proportion. Actually, factually speaking, the common knowledge that goos for the suburbs is pretty on point. What people say is actually pretty close to the real thing. And yet, when people talk about the positives of a certain life choice, they sometimes omit things that for some people can be deal-breakers. Therefore,  in the name of honesty, we will also list the potential cons of living in a suburban neighborhood

  • Job opportunities – There are fewer job opportunities when moving to the suburbs. This is true for any residential area outside of the downtown area. Anything on the periphery always lacks the job opportunities you will find in the city proper. Therefore, if you are trying to establish a dynamic carrier, you should probably look into city apartments.
  • Commuting – Furthermore, when you do find a job, chances are you are driving into the city for it. That means having a car is a must and you will spend quite a lot of time in transit
  • Activities – Finally, suburbs are peaceful, meaning a lot fewer nightclubs, parties, and big, social events. It can get boring for those seeking more thrill in their day to day life.

In conclusion

With this, we will end our article on moving to the suburbs. It is definitely a good thing to do if you are planning on raising a family. It is a pretty stereotypical move, sure, but it is popular for a good reason. Suburbs offer opportunities, safety, and peace, which is definitely the best you can offer for your family. But, if you are young and want to enjoy the nightlife, or have a dynamic job carrier, or don’t have a car, you will probably want to skip on living in the suburbs as the advantages don’t necessarily outweigh the cost in your case.

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