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If you are a person who likes a challenge, or someone who wants to make your own dream home a reality, then buying a fixer upper and getting your hands dirty is exactly for you! However, it takes a lot of planning and multitasking, but if done right, you will have an amazing new home to start a new chapter of your life! And if you’re unsure how to start, keep reading because we have created a complete guide to renovating a run-down home for you. So let’s dive in!

The first step in renovating a run-down home

You will need to assess the home first before you make any commitments. It’s always a good idea to check out the property with a surveyor, who can give you an expert opinion. Usually, you would need to look out for any big structural damage, mold, hazardous construction, or anything else that might cause you unexpected problems. In addition, it’s very important if the house is connected to water, sewage, and electricity because if not, you need to count on the additional costs. Then, when your surveyor gives you a detailed report, you can look at the pros and cons of renovating. If it pays off, go for it!

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Making a plan for renovating a run-down home
Renovating a run-down home takes planning!

Three plans you need to make for renovating

In order for you to organize everything and have it go smoothly, you will need to sit down and plan very carefully. It might be boring, but if you do this you will actually save yourself the stress and anxiety when something unexpected pops up. it. Having a plan you can stick to will help keep you on track. It’s always easier to have a list on hand! So, be prepared for as many situations as possible. to do this, make these three plans:

  1. A budget plan
  2. A general renovation plan
  3. A design plan

Budget plan

This is a very important step when renovating an old home. You will need to know exactly how much you are willing to invest in this project and plan out the finances accordingly. This plan has to be the first one you make as it influences the other two. You might also want to browse the internet for average renovation costs in your area. Many factors can influence the final cost:

  • Size of the renovation
  • The location
  • Your end goal – are you planning to resell or live in the house you are renovating?

Renovation plan

Once you’ve figured out your budget, make a plan of what you will take on first. Which parts of the home need renovating the most? What is the most urgent? How much time will you need for each thing? For which tasks will you need professional help and which ones will you DIY? Make a list of priorities and follow it. This can be categorical or room by room, but either way, sit down and think about it.

Design plan

This is the final plan and here is where the fun starts! Ask yourself what your dream home looks like and try to apply it realistically. You will need to have a clear end goal in mind if you want everything to go smoothly. Are you trying to restore the home, make a few small changes or change it drastically? Do you want to add constructions? Do you want to take down certain walls to blend rooms? These questions are very important! Another perk of the design plan is if you decide to hire an architect to consult with you will have your wishes ready on paper. Once you’ve made your plan, call movers Chicago, experienced movers who will relocate you in no time! 

Making a schedule

When you have all three plans, you need to make a schedule. This is very important and needs to be done before any work begins. Especially if you are renovating with your spouse or friends, a schedule will help all of you stay organized and efficient.

A man and a woman talking
A professional opinion is always welcome!

Hire a contractor 

If you want to go this route, research good contractors near you and ask them about pricing. Some people renovate completely by themselves while others want some professional help to guide them. Hiring a contractor will cost you though, so make sure you include it in your budget plan!

Get the right permits

If you don’t have the right permits to renovate your home, you can have huge setbacks and unexpected costs. Your contractor will make sure to check regulations, but if you’re doing everything by yourself, make sure you are informed!  If you’re browsing the internet, you should look up your specific area.

Buy the materials

Finally moving on from paperwork, your next step is to go buy or order the materials you need to start the renovation. This list can be very long, so try categorizing the items, for example, all wood items, windows, doors, knobs, cables, drywall, etc.

Now you can finally start renovating a run-down home!

Now you’ve finally come to the last phase and that is the renovation itself. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s do it!

Cleaning out everything

First, take out all the furniture, items, cabinets you want to replace, etc. The more you declutter the easier it’s going to be to start taking down walls, taking out windows, doors, tiles, windows, and doors. And if you don’t know what to do with your excessive place them in storages Chicago has. This way your valuables will be safe and secured. 

Electricity, plumbing, and heating

A crucial part of the job which needs to be done right! Make sure you hire professionals to do this because of their expertise and time efficiency. Save yourself the trouble and let them handle it like pros!

A man painting a wall
Walls are the best DIY project!

Floors and walls

When you are finished with all the structural changes, you can start painting your walls and install flooring. However, make sure you protect your floors when painting. No one wants paint on their new wooden floor!


Plan out your cabinet and storage space and start putting in those cabinets!  You will probably need some help so ask a friend or your spouse.

Renovating a run-down home – finishing touches

Well, all that’s left are the finishing touches you want to add to your new home. If you plan on selling you might want to make the place cozy and clean it one more time to have it ready for the market. Otherwise, you can call furniture movers Chicago to start moving you in! Good luck with renovating a run-down home and enjoy your new place or think about your next project!

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