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Moving is a difficult decision to make. People dread leaving their comfort zone and the surrounding that they know. But with challenge comes growth. Think of all the people and places you will get to know if you take a leap of faith. To assist you in this period of uncertainty, we highly recommend Golan’s Moving and Storage. Local relocation might not include as much change as long-distance move, but it is still a relocation. Your relocation from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park will include much less anxiety if you read this article with basic information about the places.

General information about Des Plaines

Des Plaines is a town in the state of Illinois. It has a population of around 59,000 residents. These people enjoy a suburban feel and they have one of the best Des Plaines moving company. In this community, most people own their homes and they have many entertainment options available, like parks and restaurants. Young people and retirees make up the majority of the population, and more and more families start moving in because of the highly rated schools.

Picture of a dog standing on a road
Both places are quite similar

General information about Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park is a suburb in Chicago, in Cook County. Around 25,000 residents call this place home, and according to them, it is an amazing place to live in. Life after relocation from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park will give you an urban-suburban feel. If you move here with the help of some movers Elmwood Park IL, you will join a community where the majority owns their homes. Since the place is a little more fast-paced, it is not so popular among retirees, but it is quite popular for young people.

What are the pros and cons of relocation from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park?

The benefits of living in this suburb are numerous, and some of the most important ones are:

  • Safety – compared to other suburbs in the state and nationwide, Elmwood Park has a lower crime rate. Even though half of the population worries about their safety sometimes, there is no need for this to be a concern if you are planning to move here.
  • Cost of living – this is the most important fact that people consider before deciding to hire some long distance movers Chicago. You will be happy to find out that living in this state is more affordable than in the majority of places in Illinois. Some things can certainly be more expensive here, but taking into consideration the average price of groceries, housing, healthcare, etc. it is a very affordable city to live in.
  • Education – this might not be a priority for everybody, but it most certainly is for people who plan to start a family or already have children. Investing in your kid’s education will ensure that they have a better future, which is very important. Living in Elmwood Park will offer them some of the best educational programs in the country, in one of the highly rated schools in this suburb.
Kid looking at his school supplies after relocation from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park
The education of the kids is important

Conclusion on relocation from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park

If the other reasons for relocation from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park didn’t convince you, the quality of the education system should if you have kids. The adaptation to the new school will be easy since the people here are very friendly and accepting of newcomers. We wish you a happy relocation!

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