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There is most likely no kid in the world that hasn’t dreamed about having a tree house. Some parents can make this come true. Those kids have made some great memories up there, and they will if you decide on relocating a treehouse. Even though the easiest option would be to just leave it there, it will be heartbreaking for your kids. You can always make a new one, but we all know how emotionally attached kids get to certain things. So, before you move with some professional movers Chicago, invest some time in learning how to move a treehouse. Your kids will thank you.

How should you be relocating a treehouse?

A treehouse can come in different shapes and sizes, but one is for sure, it will be heavy. When thinking about doing this, you should consider contacting some special service movers Chicago has for further information. When you made it, you probably didn’t think that you will have to move it one day. But here you are, thinking about relocating a treehouse. While it seems almost impossible, it is rather simple. All you need is to:

  • Leave the replaceable parts
  • Get some help
  • Decide what you will do with the tree
Picture of happy children because their parents decided on relocating a treehouse
Relocating a treehouse will always be challenging

Leave the replaceable parts

The important part that needs to be moved is the house itself. Now, chances are high that your treehouse is standing on posts, which you can find anywhere. Your kids won’t even notice the different posts, and it is very difficult to move the old ones. Apart from being very heavy, they are also difficult to transport because of their size. But that doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away alongside the moving boxes Chicago after you finish moving. The boxes can be reused for something else, while the posts can be used as firewood or for some arts and crafts project before moving.

Get help

Moving a huge, heavy treehouse is laborious work that one person cannot do on their own. If you are lucky, you will either have friends or family in your city. Get strong, capable people for the job, because heavy lifting can cause some injuries. If you cannot find anyone willing to help, you can always hire professional help that will also supply you with some packing supplies Chicago. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to do it on your own, because it is an impossible task for one single person.

Decide the fate of the tree

As the name suggests, a treehouse will be built on a tree. The only way that you can go if you want to keep the tree alive is to take the house completely apart. Depending on the preparation time you have, you can either decide to do it or think of another idea. The only other option you have is to cut down the tree and use its trunk for support in your new location for the treehouse. The decision is all yours.

Picture of a tree trunk
It might be heartbreaking to take down a tree

Relocating a treehouse comes with a lot of emotions when moving with kids. Even though it is a lot of work, rest assured that it will serve as a safe haven for your kids in the new environment. Anything familiar to them will help them get used to the new home faster. And that might just be their treehouse from their old home. We wish you good luck!

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