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The process of preparing for the move can be hard. It is all because there are so many different items that you may have to move like furniture, sentimental items, clothes, etc. However, preparing clothes for moving is often neglected because people think that this is an easy process. This needs to be done right because there are some mistakes that people make here. We are going to give you a couple of great tips for preparing your wardrobes for relocation. You can do it with or without professional movers Chicago but you should still know everything regardless. So, here are a few tips that should help you out with this task!

Make sure they are clean before preparing your wardrobes for relocation

The vital mistake that people make when preparing their clothes for moving is that they do not do laundry. Packing and moving dirty clothes is a big no, especially if you are moving long distance. If your clothes are dirty, there is a solid chance that they will come out in worse condition after the move ends, even if you are going with the most reliable Chicago area movers. It is vital that you wash everything up before letting your movers take care of it.

washing machines
You should move only clean clothes

Decide whether you need all the clothes

It is vital that you see whether you actually need everything that you currently own. It is best if you make a selection and put everything into 3 categories:

  • things that you want to move
  • clothes that you want to donate to charities
  • clothes that you want and can sell

You will reduce the clutter and you will less money on packing materials!

Get packing materials for the job

Once you have clean clothes, it is crucial that you find the right packing materials. However, many people want to save some money and get free materials. It is not recommended because they could be damaged or even have mold on them. The best way to get everything that you need for packing is to get packing supplies Chicago from a reliable moving company in your area. The best thing is that you will get only the best of the best. All the materials will be durable, and fresh and you should not have any accidents with them.

two women talking about preparing your wardrobes for relocation
Prepare everything you may need for packing

Pack your clothes for moving

It is not that hard to pack clothes for moving. If you are using wardrobe boxes, there is not too much to talk about. But, many people use bags where they put all their clothes. A nice packing method to save room is to roll your clothes and place them in the bags. Naturally, you should expect that your clothes will be all wrinkly. Even though this is not too hard, you should always consider finding residential movers that will handle your entire relocation. It is up to you to decide!


The key thing to understand is that preparing your wardrobes for relocation is not that hard. But, there are some things that you should know in order for everything to go smoothly. Try not to rush everything and you will do everything like a pro!

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