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Preparing for a relocation is the single most important thing during this time. If you do not prepare properly, you will most likely have some consequences. It is the reason why you should be really careful and cautious when preparing for the relocation. However, not all things are easy for packing. Moving patio furniture and decor is just one of those items. Why? Because they can have different sizes and shapes. So, if you are thinking about preparing patio furniture and outdoor decor for the move, you should learn all about how to handle it properly. Yes, having Chicago area movers by your side can happen but it is not of the essence. So, here is how to handle this task properly!

Clean everything before you even think about packing

Before doing anything else, you have to do a thorough cleaning. Your patio furniture and decor are exposed to all kinds of weather and there is no chance that it is not dirty. Packing dirty stuff for the move is a big no. Actually, some residential movers Chicago will not even consider handling stuff that is not properly cleaned. So, if you want movers to transport your stuff, you have to clean it. Of course, you do not have to make everything spotless, but you should wipe everything with regular cleaning products!

a woman holding cleaning product to clean before preparing patio furniture and outdoor decor for relocation
Packing something dirty is never a good option

Equip yourself with proper packing supplies

You can’t prepare your patio furniture and decor without having all the right supplies. They are crucial so that your stuff could survive, especially since most patio furniture has some fragile parts like glass, fragile plastic, etc. So, what do you want to have in order to protect your furniture, you should get these packing supplies Chicago:

  • air-filled plastic wrap
  • regular plastic wrap
  • new and durable moving boxes(cardboard or plastic)
  • packing tapes
  • cushions
  • markers for labeling the boxes
air-filled plastic wrap
Protection is everything. Make sure you are well equipped

Packing is a crucial part of preparing patio furniture and outdoor decor

If you want to protect your furniture from damage, you have to be thorough with your packing. It is not that much of a problem when talking about nonfragile items. But, if you are dealing with glass, you have to understand how to pack properly. The crucial packing material here is air-filled plastic wrap. It is all because it has bubbles of air that will compensate if any impact during the move happens. But, that is not all. You need to fixate everything in the boxes. What we mean is that if these items move around too much, you may end up with broken glass in your boxes. That is where cushions come to help. By placing them properly in the boxes, you will minimize the chances of something going wrong!

Consider letting a professional pack your patio furniture and decor

It is sometimes a much better idea to let professional movers Chicago handle everything when preparing patio furniture and outdoor decor. They have much more experience and you will have good protection if something goes wrong. Of course, the choice is on your shoulders. But, it is crucial to make wise decisions when dealing with delicate stuff like this!

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