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The most dreaded part of every move is packing. If you have a lot of things to take with you, it gets even worse. But sometimes there are specialty items that need to be packed. These items are often fragile and need special attention when packed. To make things worse, they also have emotional value, making it even worse to transport them. During transportation, many unexpected things can happen, leaving your valuables susceptible to damage. By hiring some professional movers Chicago, you will invest in keeping your items safe on the road. If you decide to do the packing part by yourself, you should be packing your vintage records the right way.

Tips for packing your vintage record safely

Whether you are using some packing supplies Chicago to move across the country or down the street, the packing process should be the same. Vintage records are extremely fragile. They can warp, break or even melt if they are not treated with care. To prevent this, you should be packing your vintage records using:

  • The right packing supplies and techniques
  • Good insurance
Picture of a record
Vintage records are very fragile

The right packing supplies and techniques

If you decide to hire some residential movers Chicago, you won’t have to worry about any of this. They will use the highest quality supplies and the best packing techniques for fragile items. But since you are here, you are probably about to do it by yourself. The most important thing to pay attention to is to use inner and outer sleeves for your albums made out of polly. Another option would be to use paper inner sleeves, but they leave your records without protection against scuffing and static build-up. Polly sleeves on the other hand protect both your records and their album covers. Your records should be packed upright, but not with the spine up. This way they will fall out when you unpack, which you don’t want. Laying them flat across the bottom of the box is also not a good idea. Packing them upright will give you space for about 80 records. Put in too many, you won’t be able to pull them out easily and too little will have them shifting around.

Get the right insurance

Having a collection of rare, old albums might have you thinking about getting some kind of coverage or insurance. The majority of long distance movers Chicago offer various types of coverage in case of something happening. You will probably get insurance for all your belongings, but you should get separate full-value protection for your collection. This way, your mover will pay you back the full price of your lost or damaged possessions. If you decide to move by yourself though, you will be all by yourself if something happens. Your valuables might get damaged, and there will be no way back. For that reason, it is always suggested to get professional moving assistance, especially if you are dealing with delicate, expensive items.

Person typing on a laptop
The right insurance will protect your records

By following our tips on packing your vintage records, your collection will get to your new home safely. Once you settle in, you will be able to play some songs from your rare albums at your housewarming party. We wish you a successful move!

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