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One of the main things people moving with kids are most concerned about is how good the educational system is. Choosing among a lot of great places and good schools, they usually look for places that have a lot of different schools, libraries, and community programs. One of those places is Lincolnwood. This lovely place has a lot of opportunities for kids and young adults and exploring all of them will make you hire Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago, one of the best moving companies in this area, and relocate here. And if this relocation is something that must happen in your close future, you should definitely pay attention to Lincolnwood’s educational opportunities.

Everything you should know about Lincolnwood’s schools

There are great public and private elementary, middle, and high schools that will give your kids the education you want. Keep in mind that schools and education are not just about kids learning some basic stuff that will get them through life. They need to learn how to go through life, how to manage on their own, and how to socialize. Lincolnwood within its school system has all of this to offer. This is maybe the biggest reason why people decide on moving to Illinois. Now, let us introduce you to schools here.

Elementary schools

You can find two elementary schools here that are public. Both of them are ranked around 49, where 100 is the best. When it comes to kids here, you will find that they are very good at math. The score when it comes to math is 43 percent and proficiency in reading is 55 percent. There are also some private schools here that you can find. But after you do your search about the scores and how diverse the program is, you will not have a need to get your kids into private schools.

Middle schools

With one great middle school here, after you relocate with one of the best moving companies in Lincolnwood, you will find that people are very satisfied with it. The data that shows this is that only 10 percent of students that are in middle school are currently at private ones.

High schools

You will be able to find one high school here. This should not concern you. The main data that gives us this information is that only around 8 percent of students got one private high school here. A great deal about getting your kid into high school here is that they will know and have the same friends from elementary school. If you have just moved here with one of the best local movers Chicago has, you will find these children very polite and friendly. So your kid will not have a problem fitting in.

teacher and kids in class
Your kids will gain some great knowledge in these schools.

Lincolnwood’s educational opportunities through libraries

This is the topic you can write about day after day. One of the best libraries you will ever find in America is actually the Lincolnwood public library. Not only that you will be able to find any book that you are interested in, but there is also the Library of Things. This is where, no matter what age you are, you will find something for yourself. From crafts, little different workshops, and many other things. That is why this place is among the most favorite ones here. The values this library is nurturing are:

  • The friendly and knowledgeable customer service provided by the staff,
  • Looking into the future and finding new ways to make this place better for our community,
  • People working here are and should be open-minded, creative, and friendly-oriented,
  • Everyone is welcome here,
  • Your privacy will be kept.

Keep in mind that monthly and annual tickets and membership cards are not so expensive. For the things you get here, you will be happy to get the card as soon as you relocate. If the relocation will cost you too much and even if you are not even sure how much Chicago movers cost, you can always ask for a free moving estimate. With this, you will be able to determine the budget for the relocation. Therefore, you can find out how much money you will have left and how much to separate on great things, like this library.

The library as one of Lincolnwood's educational opportunities
Visiting the public library is a great way to get some extra education.

Lincolnwood’s community programs

The first thing we must tell you about is that people here have developed a great and strong community. They really take care of each other and they really do not leave anything by the cause. They have been doing so many things for so many years. So, when you move here, make sure you try to follow everything the community is doing. Even if you do not feel like doing it. Or you find it not necessary. The best way to fit in, especially with kids, is to be part of this community.

You can find numerous calendars and events here. Most of them are actually educational. So, by checking the Lincolnwood event calendar, you will be able to organize your family and attend some of these events.

  1. Buddy Bingo – located in Lincolnwood Fire Department, bingo game for kids ages 4 to 12. This is a lovely event where your kids will have fun and enjoy some snacks.
  2. Memorial Day Parade, on May 23, where you will be able to take a walk and enjoy a parade. This will be a great chance for you to find out something more about this place after the relocation.
solder with gun on Memorial Day as one of the Lincolnwood's educational opportunities
Attending the Memorial Parade day, you will have one-of-a-kind Lincolnwood educational opportunities.

Lincolnwood has a lot to offer. With great things to do and great places to visit, you will be everything here, but not bored. On top of that, you and your loved ones will be able to get the education that you always craved because of Lincolnwood’s educational opportunities. That is why relocating here with one of the best moving companies is something definitely worth thinking about.




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