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Moving is a tedious task. It is something that no one should do without at least some kind of help. The best way to make it easier for yourself is to hire Golan’s Moving and Storage Chicago. Hiring movers is the best thing that can happen during relocation. They will help you with all the tasks involved in this process, while you can focus on your everyday tasks. But one thing that they cannot help you with is to decide which place to move to. This guide will give you information and hopefully help you with moving from Morton Grove to Niles.

General information about Niles

Niles is a suburb in Chicago and it has a population of around 30,000 residents. Opinions are divided, but many people think that it is one of the best places to live in Illinois. There are many families with young kids and retirees living in this place, and the majority of them own their homes. They also have some very good moving companies in Niles. The schools in this suburb are also amazing, so if you have kids, that might be an important perk to consider.

Benefits of moving from Morton Grove to Niles

Moving from Morton Grove to Niles will allow you to enjoy some of this suburb’s benefits, and there are plenty, like:

  • Good educational system
  • Kid and senior friendly amenities
  • Great location
  • Safe suburb

Good educational system

As we mentioned before, the schools in Niles are highly rated. The education of your kids should be a major priority when picking a new place to live. When moving to Niles with the help of some moving companies Morton Grove IL, rest assured that your kids will be in good hands.

Woman sitting next to a kid
Schools in Niles are highly rated

Kid and senior-friendly amenities

There have been many families with kids moving to Niles recently and there are also many seniors living here. The reason for this is the many amenities they can enjoy. Plenty of parks is a great attraction for all age groups, not just kids and seniors.

Great location

The proximity of Niles to Chicago makes its location great. It’s 14 miles away, which results in a commute time of around 45 minutes. If you moved to Illinois recently and work in Chicago while living in Niles, know that your commute time is better than the average American commute time. Apart from going to work, there are many points of interest in this big city, so you can get away for a weekend with ease.

Safe suburb

While it might not be the safest place on earth, it is significantly safer than other cities. People claim that it is safe to walk in the streets even at night. The suburb is small, and everyone knows everyone, that’s probably the main reason for its low crime rate. This in combination with the great schools, makes it a perfect choice when moving with kids. They will grow up in a suburb that is amazing for them, in more ways than one.

Kid playing in the streets after moving from Morton Grove to Niles
Niles is a safe suburb great for families

Conclusion on moving from Morton Grove to Niles

As you can see, moving from Morton Grove to Niles has many benefits to it. If you have kids, you shouldn’t think twice, it’s a perfect place for them to grow up in. We wish you good luck and an easy transition!

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