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If you are interested in packing your home in a week, you have come to the right place. Our moving company can help you out with this one without any problems. All you need to understand prior to this is how to pack properly. Everything else will get settled once you have learned how to do it. In any case, relocation is never easy, but it does not have to be hard as well. Many people are complaining about the packing process and we are here to help you and them out! However, we do not wish to “spoil” our guide before we even properly begin it. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight into our guide, shall we?

A checklist for packing your home in a week – how to begin it?

Knowing how to make the perfect checklist and what to do during your move are two separate things. Will you be packing plants, or moving a Jacuzzi? You should include that in your checklist. However, you should make it in the following way:

  • Focus on the important things. Make the best checklist by focusing on the most important things for your move. If you wish to call a moving company, you should specify that as well. A good choice can be to call Golan’s Moving and Storage for everything you need concerning your move. For other things, you should specify the amount of money you will need to relocate, you should make two or three different moving categories and so on. Start from the most basic and important things and then make sure to expand them when you need it.
  • Include the human factor. Some mistakes might happen, no matter if you are moving from Chicago to New York or vice versa. A good idea would always be to add a day extra, just in case. That way, you can either be late with your move or with a certain part of your move. In any case, you can never plan everything to the smallest details, but you should think of it as if you could. Your movers might be late, you might not have enough money, your delivery might get stuck in traffic and so on. What is important is to know that you can fix it and having a day extra would be the perfect thing, right?
A family relocating
You can do your relocation easily with a good checklist

Some things you should always keep in mind

There are some things you should always keep in mind. For example, if you want to pack a piano for storage, you should make sure to have the adequate supplies and materials to do so. Moreover, you should make sure that you know exactly how to do this. A good idea would be to plan and prepare well and everything else will get settled on its own. In any case, you should focus on the things you know how to do properly. That way, you will not have to call someone to help you out and you will also know which other parts of the move to focus on. Basically, you will need to be thinking about several things at once, so get your multitasking levels on point.

A family unpacking
Use the best boxes for packing and you will unpack faster

It does not matter if you are relocating to Chicago or to Los Angeles, you still need to pack your home in one day. Thus, you should check a good packing guide, or you should simply start from the zero and work your way towards success. A good idea would be to pack the things you will certainly not need in the upcoming week. For example, you do not need to have a lot of paintings on your walls or you do not need to have a hundred T-shirts in your closet. Pack your extra/spare things into separate moving boxes and you can even move them prior to your moving day. Think about this one and you will be safe.

A checklist for packing your home in a week – the packing process

Unless you need something extra specific like a guide to moving guns and ammo, you can start your packing process. Here is how you should proceed with it:

  • Pack your essentials first. This is the most important part of your packing process. If you pack your IDs, documents, credit cards, money, and a few things extra, you can complete your move without any issues. The most important thing is that you do not forget about your essential items. Otherwise, you might have to acquire new credit cards, fill in document paperwork and so on. Get an essentials moving box and you should be fine with this one.
  • Pack your small items first and work your way towards bigger ones. Smaller items are easy to misplace or to completely lose during your relocation. So, you should focus on them first. Everything else is good, but you will need to focus on your smaller items first and on your clothing as well. Wardrobe moving boxes will do the trick for your clothes, but for your smaller items, simple cardboard boxes are enough, provided that your smaller items are not easily breakable. 

Additional information

It is never a bad idea to get additional storage space for your relocation. Who knows how much space will you need for your relocation, right? A good idea would be to find adequate storage options close to your new place of residence. Moreover, another good idea would be to use your extra storage if you can. You can even use your packing boxes for this purpose, although the storage space you can get with them is more than limited.

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For anything else, feel free to call a moving company!

A checklist for packing your home in a week – conclusion

Overall, we sincerely hope that now you can make a checklist for packing your home in a week. Feel free to add anything more specific to our guide; after all, you know your relocation demands more than we do. In any case, we wish you all the best with this one. Good luck!

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