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You are probably reading this after the move. The stressful period has passed. And now that you are all settled into your new home. You are ready to start exploring Chicago’s nightlife scene. If you hired professional movers Chicago to help you with the move, you were probably satisfied and now you are ready for a night out. Read a basic guide to the Chicago nightlife to help you find the right spot for you.

Picture of Chicago- A basic guide to the Chicago nightlife
A basic guide to the Chicago nightlife provided to you by Golan’s Moving & Storage

A basic guide to the Chicago nightlife

If you are still thinking about moving to this beautiful city. Think no more and hire residential movers Chicago so that you can start enjoying the wonderful nightlife the city has to offer. Firstly, if you want to experience a true night out. just go to any park neighborhood and there will be a night festival which you can enjoy. There are around 2000 night festivals in different neighborhoods throughout the whole year.

A picture of a party in a club
Get lost in the rhythm of the music until dawn in the city of Chicago and make unforgettable memories

Moreover, if you fancy a drink in a bar. No matter in which part of town you are, you will find an open bar with a bartender who is ready to make you the perfect drink. Bars in Chicago officially work until 4 am. However, you just might get lucky and find one that will work past that time. Moreover, if you decide to move here, remember that if you need moving boxes Chicago you should definitely ask your moving company for help with that.

How to pack for your move

A woman writing fragile on a moving box
Labeling all your boxes will speed up the moving process

You can start packing room by room. In this way, you will make sure that you do not forget to pack anything. Moreover, labeling your boxes by the room will also help you avoid the mess when you start unpacking. If you do not label the boxes you will need to open each and every one before you take them into the room. However, if you just do not feel like packing you can always hire professional movers to pack for you. All the packing supplies Chicago you might need will be provided to you by professional movers. Moreover, when packing remember to:

  • label the boxes by the room
  • pack your fragile items carefully
  • donate the clothes you do not wear


Celebrating your relocation to Chicago will be an unforgettable experience. A basic guide to the Chicago nightlife is all you need in your hand and you are ready to start exploring the city. No matter if you prefer to go clubbing and dance all night long to the beast of electronic music. Or if you prefer drinking some cockatiel at the bar while some jazz music is playing in the background. The Chicago nightlife scene has something to offer to anyone who comes there. Plus, after you relocate to this city in the beautiful state of Ilinois. You will get more and more familiar with the nightlife scene as you continue to live in this city. Good luck with the move and drink responsibly!

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