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Chicago offers a little something for everyone. If you’re new to the Windy City or you’re moving there soon, there are a few things to know about this epic city.

1. Deep dish pizza is the real deal. Let’s start with the important things: pizza. It’s no contest; Chicago deep dish is the go-to pizza in this city, but the eternal debate is about who makes it the best. You can be the judge of that, but Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s and Pequod’s all get rave reviews.

2. Each Chicago neighborhood is unique and different. From Lincoln Park to Andersonville to the South Loop, each neighborhood has identity and personality. If you’re unsure where to live before moving, rent before buying a place. That way you can get acquainted with the entire city without being tied down to one area.

3. Chicago is a sports city. Chitown loves sports—it’s all about the Cubs, White Socks, Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls. No matter the season, there’s always a team playing. Watch your favorite sport at your neighborhood bar or cheer on your team in person.

4. Winter is cold. If you’ve never experienced lake-effect snow, you’re in for a shock. Chicago winters are as cold as people say they are, if not colder. Invest in a parker, well-insulated boots, gloves, hats and long underwear before making the move.

5. But summer is amazing. Winters are brutal, but Chicago’s weather is redeemed when summer hits. During the warm and sunny months, the city is rejuvenated and lively. Its residents can be found biking along Lake Michigan, strolling street fairs, visiting farmers’ markets, sunning at North Avenue Beach or enjoying baseball games at Wrigley Field or Cellular Field.

6. Tourists love The Bean. A giant silver bean sculpture is located in Millennium Park. It’s proper name is Cloud Gate, but no one calls it that; it’s The Bean. When you move to the city, do the tourist thing for a minute, complete with goofy pictures. Then never go there again, unless hanging out with masses of tourists is your cup of tea.

7. Public transit is super convenient. If you work downtown and live downtown, do yourself a favor and ditch the car! The CTA, which include a bus and train system, is affordable and convenient. Between snow, parking and gas, a car can be a hassle in the city. If your lifestyle allows you to be without a car, Chicago is a great city for public transportation.

Those are just a few reasons why Chicago is a great city to live in, as provided by your Golan’s, your friendly Chicago moving company! Come experience the city first hand and you’ll find a million more reasons to love Chicago.

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