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Northbrook is a very cozy and cute Chicago suburb. One of the main reasons to move to Northbrook in 2022 is the fact that this Chicago suburb is very safe. In general, Northbrook residents are rich and value the power of knowledge. Most of them are educated. Northbrook suburb is basically a synonym for middle-class citizens. Therefore, if you feel like this is the right place for you just hire one of the best movers in Chicago and start the process. Northbrook is home-like and peaceful. This time of year is famous for trick and treating and DIY Halloween stuff.

A girl standing on autumn leaves
One of the main reasons to move to Northbrook is because it is great for raising a family

Let’s list the main reasons to move to Northbrook in 2022

To a lot of people, Northbrook, IL seems like a perfect place to settle down. It has that “being home” vibe and the lifestyle is a bit slower than in the big cities. Northbrook used to have 311 residents in 1901. However, it has enjoyed major transformation over the last couple of decades. People recommend Northbrook whether you are a young professional or a family person. That is why, no matter which category are you part of, feel free to take a look at the guide for moving to Northbrook in detail. Here are some main reasons why you should move to Northbrook in 2022:

  • housing varieties
  • great schooling system
  • solid job market
  • variety of restaurants
  • interesting history
  • it is highly walkable
  • settling down and enjoying your life at peace

One of the main reasons to move to Northbrook in 2022 are housing varieties

You should not be scared by the fact that prices are a bit higher here in comparison to the national average. It is, after all, one of the more wealthy suburbs of Chicago. However, the majority of people here are rich and they are mostly homeowners. Still, Northbrook offers plenty of choices for every lifestyle. Even if you plan to rent, you may find some great deals. Basically, we can agree that the housing is a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth the price since the quality of life is on a very high level.

Great schooling system

Northbrook is a really great place for families with children. Not only the city is peaceful and safe, but also the schooling system is one of the best in the States.  The freshest statistics say that there are around 5000 children between 5 and 17 l living in Northbrook.  There are 3 school districts. The best schools are Northbrook Junior High School, Glenbrook North High School, and Field School. In addition, let’s not forget to mention that one of the top-notch universities – Trinity International University is here also.

Solid job market

Residents in this area can choose whether they will find a job in town or in some neighboring city. Northbrook’s median household income is almost twice the national average. Meaning that all the residents have stable and steady jobs. Since you are probably very intrigued and plan to move already, feel free to do a bit of research about moving companies Northbrook IL and find the most suitable one to help you move. The most common careers are in healthcare, insurance, retail stores, etc.

Variety of restaurants

The most popular place to eat in Northbrook is  Max and Benny’s Restaurant. The menu is very rich. There are soups, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, etc. Specialties of the house are corned beef sandwiches and matzo ball soup dishes.

A burger and French fries
There are a variety of restaurants in Northbrook

It is highly walkable

Most people own cars. Still, Northbrook is famous for its Walkability Score. There are wide tree-lined streets with pavements and mesmerizing looks. It is great for cyclists too. That is why, if you plan to move here, feel free to contact one of the best Chicago movers so that you can start experiencing your Northbrook calmness.

Settling down and enjoying your life at peace

If you got married recently, or you are simply re-inventing yourself, Northbrook is a place for you. There are tons of benefits that Northbrook offers. You can relax both indoors and outdoors. You can visit Techny Prairie Park and Fields. There are open green spaces where children play and people go on a picnic.

To sum up, Northbrook is awesome. By hiring professional movers you will definitely do the right thing and save a lot of nerves and time. However, you can also prepare and do a little bit of research on what can you do when you move on your own. Still, the best is to invest your time in research and find a great company to rely on so that your new life in Northbrook can begin.

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