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While moving around the holidays might be difficult, it also prepares you for a new beginning at the start of the new year. The secret to a successful winter move is to plan ahead and anticipate the unexpected. Follow these seven practical tips for moving to Chicago during the holidays. So that you can have a far more seamless experience. These tips will allow you to enjoy the Christmas season while also preparing for a significant relocation. Golan’s Moving & Storage is more than happy to assist you with any of your moving needs.

Chicago from a bird's view
Consider yourself lucky. Many people would love to spend the holidays in Chicago.

7 practical tips for moving during the holidays

If you’re one of those who decide to relocate around the Christmas season, there are a few things you can do to alleviate some of the stress associated with the move. There is no need to lose your Christmas spirit throughout the relocation provided that you do it properly. That being said, we highly suggest that you hire our local movers Chicago so that you don’t lose any of your Christmas cheers. Here are our 7 best tips for moving during the holidays:

  1. Plan your calendar in advance

    Moving during the winter months consumes a significant amount of time during an already hectic season. Examine your calendar well in advance and cross off dates that cannot be changed, such as the end of your lease or your children’s test schedules. Then schedule time for less critical obligations, such as social activities.

  2. Pack carefully

    Allow plenty of time for packing, particularly if you’re relocating during the Christmas season. Moving takes a significant amount of time in and of itself, and you’re likely to be slowed down by other commitments, much alone pleasurable things you want to do. As you work on your calendar, routinely plan time for packing so that the days don’t pass you by and leave you knee-deep in moving boxes when you’d rather be partying. However, if you’re working on a strict schedule, you can use our packing services to help you save time.

  3. Embrace Simplicity

    Reduce your spending somewhat this year. Maintain your main traditions while you keep your decorations and gifts to a minimum. You do not have to go overboard to create festive happiness in your home. Play festive music and prepare seasonal sweets and bread. If the heaps begin to overwhelm you, add a bow or two to your moving boxes. While a little festive spirit never hurts, don’t panic over a lack of time or energy to decorate.

  4. Bear in mind daylight savings time

    Each day becomes darker as we approach the winter solstice, which happens often a few days before Christmas. Daylight Savings Time, which occurs in early November, is much more disruptive. This implies that the darker nights are expedited, which might make movement more difficult throughout the winter months. Determine the typical sunset time in your location so you know how much daylight you have to work with and can avoid loading in the dark.

  5. Create several budgets

    Moving is expensive at any time of year, but moving over the holidays may be significantly more so. Local moves cost roughly $500 for a one-bedroom flat, and bigger families should expect higher costs. You also have Christmas costs to consider. Create two distinct budgets for Christmas spending and relocating so you aren’t caught off guard during your winter move.

  6. Save moving boxes for holiday gifts

    One of our top winter moving suggestions is to save all delivery boxes for packing. This time of year, you’re probably purchasing more online. Saving unused boxes instead of throwing them out might help you save money. Ask your friends and relatives for theirs as well.

  7. Explore

    You are not the only one who didn’t want to spend the holidays away from home. Don’t let it bother you, and don’t rush to unpack. Discover the beauty of Chicago. Meet folks, go to holiday festivities. Allow yourself to enjoy the Christmas mood even if you are unfamiliar with the town.

 tips for moving during the holidays; a mini van figurine with a mini Christmas tree
If you follow these tips for moving during the holidays, you won’t encounter any problems.

If you’re moving to Chicago for work, consider taking a look at this article. We sincerely hope that you will make wonderful memories in your new home and that you’ve found our tips for moving during the holidays useful. We wish you a happy relocation!

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