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Moving would be so easy and simple if you had professional help every time you do it. As good as that may sound, keep in mind that a time will come when you will move without help. This means you will have to move furniture around alone. However, moving furniture alone does not mean you are actually completely on your own. It just means that you do not have furniture movers Chicago helping you out at the moment. A single person can’t pull off the job of an entire move and carrying furniture down the stairs completely alone. This also includes loading the moving truck with all of your items. There are many differences between having professional help and doing a DIY move with your friends and family. If you want everything to be as smooth as possible, you will need tips when moving bulky furniture. Let’s begin!

two workers in green vests and hardhats
Moving without professional help can be easy with a few good friends

Step back and see the bigger picture

When it comes to moving big items, the point is to be as efficient as you can be. Start by making an inventory list of all the big items that need to be loaded into the truck. Once that is done, figure out what to load when, and in which order. Heavy items usually go toward the back of the truck and the sides to balance the weight and keep your items safe. This means that you will most likely do the heavy lifting first, and then fill in the gaps with the smaller boxes.

Make an order in which you will sort your furniture, keeping in mind that the heaviest goes first. Even though making an additional plan in this entire mess is a waste of time, it will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to rearrange stuff after loading it on the truck.

Equipment tips when moving bulky furniture

Every move has heavy lifting involved, and you are not the first person to have to figure everything on their own. This means you are in luck because there are plenty of innovations in the world of DIY moves. Keep in mind these tools are a standard piece of equipment for professional pool table movers Chicago. You can either rent or purchase them, so figure out if you will only need them once, or have future plans with them. You won’t only need tips when moving bulky furniture, but these tools as well:

  • Furniture sliders. A very important item in the world of moves. Single part and multi-part plastic is the usual material for sliders. Placing one slider under each corner or leg of the piece helps it glide on the floor with ease. It also works on carpets and creates a barrier that reduces friction and keeps your floor from getting scratched.
  • Moving straps. Also known as lifting straps or furniture straps, they transfer some of the weight of the furniture from your arms and back. This makes the whole move so much easier since you won’t get tired so fast. They are adjustable too, so make sure you fit them to the size of the furniture and your own body.
  • Furniture dollies. An item that comes in two different types which will most likely be useful to your move. However, you can probably get away with just having one type on hand. The first type is a four-wheel square platform, with or without a pushing handle. The other is a two-wheeled hand truck which has a smaller base than the four-wheel. It is great for distributing the vertical weight, making it perfect for tall items. Always secure furniture to the dolly with rope before moving it.

Break down every furniture piece you can

The more things you can disassemble, the better. This means taking off every movable piece, like drawers, legs, cushions, knobs, etc. to be moved separately. It also includes breaking down bed frames and sectionals. If you have to remove screws and bolts during any stage of the process, keep every furniture’s small pieces in separate baggies. Label them so you know what bag belongs to which piece of furniture.

Lifting tips when moving bulky furniture

As you probably figured out already, you will mainly want to slide and push things around, rather than lift. This puts your body under a lot less stress and makes the task easier. Lifting heavy items can cause injury if you aren’t careful. Safety comes first, so before you start lifting, make sure you know how to do it right.

woman showing lifting tips when moving bulky furniture
Lifting heavy objects without a proper technique can cause injury

Bend at your knees, not your waist

The most important thing you need to remember when lifting heavy things is to always use your legs and not your back. To manage the weight correctly, squat down at your knees to get lift instead of bending over. This will put the majority of the load on your arms and legs when you rise instead of your back.

One of the better tips when moving bulky furniture is not twisting your body

While lifting, keep your body as still as you can when you lift and move heavy pieces of furniture. Sudden movements and twisting can sometimes be harmful, and you want to prevent moving injuries. When there are times in which you need to turn or twist, let your hips lead and your feet follow, instead of the other way around.

Another important thing to mention is to always be aware of where you are going. Moving with a closet blocking your view can be difficult, but you can’t allow being totally blinded. Since our body tends to follow our eyes, keep your head straight and avoid looking down.

Carry items close to you

Carry heavy furniture as close to your body as much as you possibly can. This helps accomplish a lot of things, including keeping your balance and getting your arms and shoulders involved in the lifting. This is a much better alternative to your forearms as the weight is distributed better.

person writing down a checklist
Having a checklist and keeping organized helps a lot during a move

Create an unloading plan for later

Even if you unpacked all the items from the truck, it still doesn’t mean you’re done. You are done once everything is in its own spot. Just like you made a plan for loading everything, make one for unloading. This way, you save yourself from unloading wooden furniture and then having to move it again. These tips when moving bulky furniture are all about saving time, so wait until everything is unloaded to start assembling furniture together. Sticking to these tips and maintaining focus will ensure you have a smooth move without having to hire expensive professionals.

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