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1. Eyes to the sky

Keep an eye out for the weather because a storm can really affect how the move goes. This is especially true in Chicago, where weather can change at moment’s notice. Weather can have a big impact on traffic so make sure to watch the traffic reports to monitor the condition of the route to your new home.

2. Prepare the supplies

Don’t pack winter supplies that can come in handy during a winter move. Leave out your shovel, ice scraper, salt, and other winter accessories like hats and gloves. These items can be lifesavers if your new home isn’t prepared for a move.

3. Hire a hand

Hire a moving company – period. Even in the summer months, hiring a moving company can completely redefine your move. It’s faster and no heavy lifting. In the winter, the benefits are amplified. It’s good advice to reach out to friends and family for help, but you may be hard pressed to find people that are able and willing to pull off a move in the winter.

4. Find a pet sitter

Moving is stressful enough, there is no need to add to the hullabaloo. In addition to creating an anxiety-riddle environment for yourself, you will also be negatively affecting your dog. Emotional trauma can cause long-term issues for a pet, and you also run the risk of your pet simply getting out.

5. Layer up

Dress in layers so you can regulate your body temperature and not overheat. Breaking a sweat in the cold from lifting and moving can leave you vulnerable to catching a cold. Layering up is also the best way to stay warm because it is more effective than wearing fewer, thicker layers.

6. Clean as you go

Keep junk towels on hand so you can wipe down boxes as you bring them in so it doesn’t result in a puddle on the floor. This protects your home from water damage, keeps your belongings safe, and doesn’t leave you with a big mess to deal with later.

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