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Moving is an event that everyone loves! Are you planning on moving to Illinois? Got all the logistics down, but now you need to start packing? You go through all your items and plan for the supplies you will use – but then you come to your bed! And that is when you realize that packing a king-size bed can be a difficulty. Moving huge and bulky items is always a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be with good movers in your team! That’s why in this article, you can learn how to pack and move your bed in 5 steps with Golan’s Moving & Storage!

Think how useful would it would be to try packing a king-size bed

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you should even move your king-size bed. After all, this can get quite expensive. So, consider if it will be worth to move it in the long run. If your bed is new or in good condition, it might be useful. However, if it is old or in a bad shape, it might be better if you sell it and then buy yourself a new one after you are done.

a king-size bed
Do you really need to move your bed?

Also, think about its size. You will need to get packing supplies Chicago for them in huge numbers. What’s more, it can be tough to get the bed through the doors – which is yet another difficulty.

Pack up the beddings and “spare parts”

The next thing you will want to address are pillows, bed covers, sheets, blankets, and similar items. These are bulky, so you will need large moving boxes for them. Pack them up separately from other items. Don’t forget to label the box to know where they are, and keep it safe from moisture and dirt.

The mattress is the toughest part of packing a king-size bed

Packing up the mattress is the toughest part of the whole process – because it is heavy with a king-size bed. You will need someone to give you a hand with this so you don’t injure yourself or damage the mattress.

a mattress
The mattress might be the most challenging part of packing a king-size bed.

Simply grip both sides of it – with one person on each side. Then, lift it and bring it to the edge of the box springs. Very carefully drop it on one end to the ground, and then slide it away. Make sure you do not bend it, because this can damage the springs inside the mattress.

Disassemble the bed

When packing your items, it is best to disassemble them. The same applies when you want to pack a king-size bed. Usually, they are made of two twin-sized box springs. It should be easy enough to take them out. You should also try to disassemble your bed as much as you can. If you have a manual, then follow it carefully so you do not damage anything. If not, call moving professionals to help you.

Pack all parts separately and secure them carefully

Finally, it’s time to ensure all the parts are safe and ready for the trip. First, get covers and packing blankets, and wrap the mattress and springboards in it. This will protect them from any bumps or scratches that can happen during the move. Do not forget to secure them with tape so they don’t unwrap during transport.

bubble pack is useful for packing a king-size bed
Use good packing material to secure your king-size bed.

For smaller parts, make sure you use ziplock bags. Stick them to the bigger parts so you do not lose them, and you have finished packing a king-size bed.

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