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So, you are wondering about moving a gun safe? Do not worry – we got you covered! Our team of experts has prepared the perfect guide for you! We will teach you what you can do, when and how to move guns, something about gun regulations and anything we think you should know before trying to move a gun. This works for both cases – when you are moving with a moving company or alone. In any case, we sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading our guide as much as we did enjoy writing it. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight in, shall we?

Moving a gun safe – where to start?

This is a very difficult question. It is not like knowing how to dismantle a pool table – if you do this wrong, you might get seriously hurt or even worse. Thus, it would be best to read rules and regulations about gun control. And you can always do the following:

  • Ask a moving company about how moving firearms works. This is the safest option. Moving companies are highly-trained professionals who know how to handle guns and to move them. It is always a good bet to check with some Chicago area movers about it. They will give you clear instructions about safely moving firearms around. Moreover, it is your obligation to let your movers know exactly what you are moving and where. If you follow the regulations they tell you, everything is going to be fine.
  • Check what you can bring and how. It is important to know that you cannot bring loaded weapons with you during your move. Moreover, they cannot be in the arm’s reach as well – they need to be stored away and locked if you wish to transport them. Another thing you cannot do is transport ammunition with you nor will your moving company be willing to do it. It is considered hazardous and dangerous during the move and no moving company will be willing to “risk it”. In any case, check which moving services Chicago offers which suit you the best and make your decision on time. It will be important for the rest of your move, believe us.
Never carry loaded weapons with you during relocation
Always make sure to carry permits for your firearms when you move them

Some things to keep in mind

By no chance will you be allowed to carry a gun on your person during your move, no matter if you have a license or not. Relocation is relocation and having armed weapons with you might endanger both yourself and the people around you. This is especially true if you are moving to another state. Most states have different gun regulation protocols you need to follow. Thus, a good idea would be to brush up on that knowledge. It would save you and the people working at the border a lot of time and effort. This is where the importance of finding quality packing materials and moving companies shines the most. You need to have your weapons packed and transported safely, never forget that.

Your weapons can pose a threat to people around if you leave them unchecked
Never leave your weapons lying around. Something bad might happen

There are many reasons to refer others to moving companies and transporting firearms safely is definitely one of them. We cannot stress out how important safety is in these circumstances. Thus, the best idea would be to recommend a good moving company to your friends who are transporting firearms. It might, indirectly, prevent potential disasters and help protect the owners of the firearms, as well as the people around them. So, keep this in mind for future reference.

Moving a gun safe – some other things you need to worry about

The best idea, arguably, would be to disassemble the firearms before you transport them, for obvious reasons. In any case, there are strict firearm regulations each state follows and you need to follow them if you wish to move your weapons. The best idea would be to read something on the Internet about it. However, a disassembled weapon is always the best choice. Especially if it is in a safe container. Unless you have a special box for your disassembled weapon, you can always purchase one on Amazon. It is not expensive and it will save you a lot of trouble, believe us.

Yet another thing you can do is to ask your friends who own firearms to prepare you for your relocation. They have certainly done it before and they can do it again. Moreover, they probably know what exactly to do and what is the standard procedure. Furthermore, they will help you avoid a lot of issues if you listen to them. It is always a good idea to ask around, at the very least, so keep this in mind as well.

Additional information

There are some other things you need to know before moving a gun. For starters, you should know that it is not simple nor “just like that” to move weapons. The Firearms Owners’ Protection Act prohibits the transport of firearms for the following people:

  • Persons under indictment for felonies.
  • Adjudicated “mental defectives.”
  • Dishonorably discharged veterans.
  • People who’ve renounced U.S. citizenship.
  • Fugitives from justice.
  • Persons convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor crimes or subject to domestic violence restraining orders.

Thus, if you, by any chance, believe that something from the aforementioned can be applied to you, do not attempt to transport any firearms or to relocate them. Of course, you always need to bring along your permits with you and all the documents which state that you have the legal right to carry a weapon. Moreover, you need to have proof of ownership as well. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble, so just make sure that you bring it along at all times with you.

Always trust a moving company with the care of your firearms - they can do it!
Your moving company can relocate your firearms easily

Moving a gun safe – conclusion

In the end, moving a gun safe is not that hard when you know what to do. Moreover, you can always consult the Internet about it, or you can double-check the laws about that issue. Thus, you will never worry about your firearms while you are moving them! We hope that you enjoyed our short guide! Good luck!

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