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#1 – The Weather is Nicer

What would you prefer – relocating when the sun’s out, or when there’s ice and snow as far as the eyes can see? While moving during the wintertime does have its own merits, relocating during the summer is seen to better. For one, when you’re driving about town taking care of things for the move, such as going to get your permanent address listing changed or when you need more materials for your packing endeavors, it is easier to do so with a clear road than driving on a slippery one.


#2 – Think of the Children 

Your kids have nothing to do around the house because there’s no school? Don’t want them to get too hooked up watching TV or playing videogames? Then have them help out! They might think that it’s going to be nothing but a chore; however, you can tell them that they can have the freedom to design/decorate their room when they get to the new place. Furthermore, packing their own stuff will teach them how to act responsible for their own belongings. Also, they can keep busy if they’re really bored around the house.


#3 – Extra Hours of Sunlight

This works in conjunction with the first item on the list; summer is known as the season wherein there’s longer days and shorter nights. Therefore, there’s more time (not to mention more light) to do the things you need to do before moving day arrives.


#4 – Garage Sale Season

When you’re packing, it is a very common occurrence to find out that you’ve got too much junk lying around your home. Those “junk” can be made into extra cash for your moving expenditures. Summertime is also known as garage or yard sale season, therefore you have more chances of gathering more customers than when setting up shop in other seasons.


#5 – More Housing Options (For Renting & Buying)

Houses for rent or for sale are bound to appear during the summer season. If you’re still in the process of looking for a place to stay as to where you and your family are going to move, this is the time to check out the locale or perhaps call your real-estate agent to help you.

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