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While moving house, there are two things that are essential so that everything runs smoothly. Those are reputable movers and quality moving boxes. There are numerous reasons to avoid used moving boxes and use new ones. Here, at Golan’s Moving & Storage, you can order them together with the services of packing and moving. The only task you have is to choose which things are for moving. Everything else will be done by movers and you won’t have to lift a finger. The company you have chosen might also provide you with the packing supplies, such as tape, styrofoam, etc. 

A woman holding a used box not knowing the reasons to avoid used moving boxes
If you get some used boxes for free or cheaply, do not smile so much. They might break apart and your smile will soon disappear.

The top 5 reasons to avoid used moving boxes

Many people still buy used moving boxes as they are cheaper. It goes without saying that you can save a lot of money when doing so. However, many used moving boxes Chicago can offer are old, used a couple of times before, and unsafe. If you are wondering why used moving boxes are bad, you should definitely keep reading. But before you go on, just think about what was inside them before they arrived at your place. 

1. Being less strong is why used moving boxes are bad

The more people use them, the weaker they become. This is especially the case with cardboard boxes, rather than plastic ones. That’s why you shouldn’t pack with used moving boxes at all. Check with your Glenview moving companies if they offer some new cardboard. The worst thing that can happen is that one box falls apart and that your belongings split all around. Some of them might be lost and damaged as well. 

2. Not always possible to find the right size

One person who has finished with his relocation can sell their boxes. It might be a good bargain, but there might not be any size you want. This is yet another of numerous reasons to avoid used moving boxes and materials. You might need a different size or sizes. To illustrate, if you use some boxes for your furniture and other stuff, that doesn’t necessarily mean other people will need exactly the same boxes. 

3. Dirt and dust are some reasons to avoid used moving boxes

Who knows where those used moving boxes have passed so far. They might have been in a not-so-clean storage unit. Or they may have passed through dozens of trucks, cargo ships, trains, or planes. Those vehicles are usually dirty and dusty inside. Therefore, that dirt and dust might have fallen on the boxes. This fact only contributes to the answer to the question of why used moving boxes are bad. They are not good as, no matter how many times you clean them, someone else has used them before. 

A couple packing
New moving boxes are a lot safer for your valuable and sentimental items than used moving boxes.

4. The coronavirus is one of the reasons to avoid used moving boxes

We have all been living a new reality due to the impacts the coronavirus has left. Hygiene is more important than ever before. Washing hands regularly, wearing clean clothes, and disinfecting your belongings are highly recommended by experts. Is there a greater excuse why you shouldn’t pack with used moving boxes now than the COVID-19? You never know what has been in those boxes before. And if fresh, the virus might be lying in there. For that, you need a more sanitary option, which would correspond to new boxes.

5. They are less safe for storing things away

Sometimes, people don’t know where to keep all their belongings. So, they decide to make use of storages all around the state. In order to prepare items for long-term storage, you have to make sure your boxes are safe. They should be waterproof and resistant to any humidity or damp. If they don’t have such a feature, that would be one of the great reasons to avoid used moving boxes. You don’t want any insect, dust, damp, etc. to stay hidden among your stuff and items. 

How to choose quality moving boxes?

Many people just choose ordinary moving boxes without paying attention to details. Not to mention cheap options with used moving boxes. Here are a few tips that will guide you through the story about moving boxes:

  • There are some good reasons why not to pack with used moving boxes.
  • If you choose cardboard, make sure it is thick enough.
  • In case you opt for plastic boxes, you can use them later for storing things at home.
  • For large items, ordinary boxes won’t suffice, and you will need specialty boxes.
  • Good tape and protection are necessary, so they may come with new boxes.
  • Check with your local movers if they sell some and you might get a discount.
  • Also, check if there are any moving boxes of e-commerce websites and compare the prices.
  • Mind the sizes as not every box will fit your stuff and all your items.
A hand writing on a box
Make sure you have all the other supplies, like tape and protective materials. Also, put labels on them for an easier organization.

5 bonus tips on how to pack like a pro

Packing is a tiring activity and takes a lot of time. Most people don’t know how to start and how to pack all their stuff. In short, they know the reasons to avoid used moving boxes and they will buy the right boxes, but they won’t know how to use them properly and efficiently. Follow these five steps and you will succeed:

  1. If you have enough money, hire professionals to pack you.
  2. Declutter by dividing the stuff into four piles: give away, throw away, sell, and keep. 
  3. Pack small items together with the big ones so that you make use of all the space.
  4. Put labels in order to know what is where, and to make the unpacking easier. 
  5. Protect the items that can be broken easily using the right packing materials. 

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