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Are you looking to relocate to Chicago, but you’re not sure you’ll be able to spend all of your time in the hurry of the city? There’s no need to do so – you can easily spend time in nature as well! Golan’s Moving & Storage will help you get acquainted with options for relaxing weekend getaways from Chicago! Are you ready to get out of town?

What are the places for weekend getaways from Chicago?

When people first want to relocate, they need to do various kinds research and inquiry. They need to find some of the great local movers Chicago offers, book insurance, find a job, and finally, settle in their new home. Chances are that, in all that fuss,  you didn’t quite research where you can get your peace of mind – that’s why we’re here!

Places for spending weekend getaways from Chicago:

  • Nearby places and cities such as Milwaukee
  • Nature places such as Starved Rock State Park, Elkhart Lake, Lake Geneva, Saugatuck, Michigan
  • Various hotels and apartments such as Grand Geneva Resort, Grand Traverse Resort, The American Club, Kohler, etc.
woman swimming
Take a swim in Chicago’s favorite getaway – Lake Geneva!
  1. One of the most relaxing weekend getaways from Chicago: Lake Geneva

There are various things to know about Chicago before you relocate, but this is the one that you definitely won’t be able to overlook: Chicago’s favorite getaway place is Lake Geneva.If you want to tan, swim, or do watersports – this is the right place for you! Anyone who enjoys water and nice views will be able to relax here. Since the Lake is located in Wisconsin, you’d go to the picturesque lake, but you wouldn’t have to compromise anything that the city offers!

  1. Craving beach? Take a look at Chesterton, Indiana!

This place offers variety. If you’re not sure whether you’d rather go to a hike or just chill – this is the place for you. Chesterton offers numerous events for anyone, and you can also take a trail and find the perfect camping spot! It’s the real treat for anyone who enjoys nature.

  1. Starved Rock State Park

Another place for people who love camping, hiking, and nature trails – Starved Rock State Park. What’s best about this place is that you don’t have to spend hours getting there – it’s only 90 minutes away from Chicago. If you organize well, it can be only a one-day getaway as well! It will give you everything you need, naturewise, from rivers, waterfalls, and rock formations to rich flora and fauna. You can even have a canyon guide!

  1. Are you looking for the town experience? Check out Galena, Illinois!

If you want to stay both inside or just outside of town, with Galena you have that choice. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the historic views, since Galena’s Historic District is in the National Register of Historic Places. You can have a nice lunch or dinner, stroll around Galena and learn about its history. On the other hand, you also have outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, and even skiing.

weekend getaways from Chicago
Go to various hidden beaches for perfect weekend getaways from Chicago.
  1. Traverse City, Michigan

If you’re craving a beach – this is the location for you! And while Chicago has numerous beaches, it’s always nice to get away from the crowd. The beaches there are scenic and you can choose from more crowded ones, to ones that are hidden and private – if you take a little time to explore or ask around.

As you can see – there are numerous weekend getaways from Chicago available in just over an hour away. When people move to Chicago, they don’t realize how diverse the nature and cities around are – and that’s amazing, because when they do, they’ll have amazing places to explore! 

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