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     1.         Stick to Routine

Dogs are creatures of routine and it is important for them to have a structured life. This is exceptionally important on moving day because it is a day filled with commotion and change, to which dogs do not respond positively. Take your pup for the morning walk and serve breakfast at the same time, and play it cool – anything to install a calm environment.

     2.         Get a Sitter

It’s not ideal to do the actual moving with your pet around. In addition to the anxiety it creates for the animal (and you), a busy moving day is a prime time to lose track of your pet. This rule applies to both your old place and the new one. Having your dog at the new home during the move is also a stressful way to introduce it to its new home. Take your dog to a trusted friend where he or she can hang out before being initially introduced to the new space.

     3.         Create the Comforts of Home

Before you bring your dog into the new house or apartment, layout its bed and a few toys, and set up the food and water bowl. This will create an inviting and comfortable environment. We all love a cozy welcome. Use this time to also play with your pet to establish positive association with the new home.

     4.         Odds and Ends

Don’t forget to survey the new home, especially if it’s an apartment building, for materials or spills that could be dangerous to your pet. Depending how far you move, find a new vet as soon as you can – just like you should find yourself a new physician if the distance makes it necessary. Get your dog a new ID tag as soon as you move and update its tracking chip.


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