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1. Use hanging wardrobe boxes when moving clothes. This clever tip is so easy and saves hours of folding, packing and unpacking, and no more dry cleaning necessary!

Here’s what you do: Leave your clothes on the hangers and gather a handful of hangers. Lift them right into the wardrobe box and they hang on the metal bar. Place a pillow or other light items in the bottom of the wardrobe box to maximize space. The wardrobe boxes are strong and reusable, they can even be rented from your professional mover!

2. Store items in large pots and bowls. Why let valuable packing space go to waste? Pack spice in your Dutch over or put smaller bowls in larger ones (protect adequately with wrapping). This helps you save space and when unpacking, you’ll thank yourself for taking extra thought and time when packing.

3. Protect breakable plates with Styrofoam plates. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new place only to discover a box of shattered dishes. To prevent this disaster, place a Styrofoam plate between each glass plate to cushion your dinnerware. Foam plates are inexpensive and the perfect shape for cradling your plates!

4. Use clothing to wrap other breakables. Pyrex dishes, vases, glasses, picture frames. If you’re running low on bubble wrap or you’re looking to save money, use clean t-shirts, hand towels or linens to protect breakables. Be resourceful when moving!

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