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Because there are a lot of big things to keep track of when planning a move, you can sometimes overlook the small or less obvious stuff. So, here are three quick tips to help make your move more workable—with less work.

Leave the Left-overs

Knowing what to pack is just as important as knowing what not to pack. In other words, do not take perishable foods on a move since spoiled food can spoil the journey. Opened containers of food, for example, can spill onto other items during transport and no one wants to bring a mess to a new residence.

Clean as a Bissell

If you plan to have your rugs stored for some time, you should get them cleaned prior to the move. Otherwise you can leave each rug as is, except you will need to remove any tacks from your rugs and carpets before the movers arrive. If you’re using a professional moving company such as Golan’s Moving & Storage, you can leave the rugs on the floor since the Golan’s team will roll them up for you.

Cover your Assets

You’ve heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so, with that in mind, you should personally move your jewelry, currency, legal documents and other important papers to avoid any problems down the road. You may also want to see if your current homeowners’ or renters’insurance covers your possessions during a move. If not, check with the professionals who are moving you. For instance, Golan’sMoving & Storage provides both Limited Liability and Declared Value Protection coverage. To learn more, visit https://www.golansmoving.com/local-moving-coverage.


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