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Tips from top Chicago Moving Companies

Whether you’re moving a mile away or across the country, there are a few important moving scenarios you’ll want to avoid. Moving is always a bit unpredictable, but these oversights are guaranteed to cause complications and added stress to an already tense experience. Some of the top Chicago moving companies shared these important tips that could help you save on money and time:

1. The DIY move. It’s a rookie mistake. You think, “I live in a one-bedroom apartment. I don’t have that much stuff.” Wrong. You always have much more that what you originally believe. DIY moves can take extra time, can be physically exhausting and there’s the risk of damaging your belongings. Sure, moving yourself can save money, but it certainly comes at a cost. Getting one of the most trusted Chicago moving companies can make moving a lot easier and convenient.

2. Not getting an estimate. Always get an estimate from the moving company before hiring them. This provides an idea of how much the move will cost, as well as inform you of their policies so you aren’t blindsided by “hidden” costs. When getting a moving estimate, always inquire about the insurance policy. Most of the best Chicago moving companies would show transparency when it comes to their fees.

3. Forgetting about items that require extra care. Certain belongings require special attention or are even forbidden from making the move. Fragile family heirlooms or oversized items (like a grandfather clock or grand piano) require extra caution when being loaded into the moving truck and transported to the new location. Things like food, plants, firearms and household supplies are often banned from moving trucks, so contact your movers for a list of “do not move” items in advance. And while you beloved pet isn’t an “item” per say, furry friends, like your cat and dog, require special attention when moving, so make the necessary arrangements beforehand.

Bottom line: When it comes down to avoiding moving mistakes, the key is advanced planning and hiring some of the most experienced Chicago moving companies! Follow these guidelines for a seamless move.

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