Golan’s Moving and Storage is committed to make your move as fast and easy as possible. A proper parking area for our truck(s) is an important aspect of any move. In some cases parking permits must be obtained through the city, ahead of your scheduled move.

Golan’s can obtain parking permits for moves involving a Chicago address. The permit must be ordered through our office at least 96 business hours before the move. The City of Chicago will place ‘no parking’ signs at the address of the permit.

The cost is $30 per truck, per day, per location. This cost is never refundable. In addition to the permit cost, the City of Chicago will seek to collect lost revenue when the permitted area is within a paybox (meter) area. The exact charges will vary. In the ‘business district’, the cost can be as much as $150 per day. Please contact a Golan’s representative for details. Any / all costs incurred by the City are never refundable.

Rules & Regulations regarding the parking permits.

  • Golan’s Moving cannot control the actual parking situation for the permitted area. That is, if cars are parked in the location in which we have properly obtained the permit, any action necessary at that point is not the responsibility of Golan’s Moving. Golan’s does not place the signage at the location nor can we control the actual situation that may exist at the time of the move. We only act to process the order through the City of Chicago.
  • We ask our customers to inspect your location for an appropriate place to park a vehicle that is 40 feet long.
  • Traditional ‘alderman signs’ have been phased out by the City.
  • Parking tickets issued as a result of any parking ordinance violations will be the responsibility of the shipper (customer).
  • If the position of our truck involves private property, a permit is not necessary. Please check your building management for direction.
  • For other cities and municipalities, please consult the local police or applicable department.

Please contact your sales representative if you have additional questions about City of Chicago parking permits.

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