Hiring Movers: 10 Lessons Learned


If you are thinking about hiring movers, you probably have several questions on your mind. Above all, you want to avoid making any mistakes in the first place, and one of the best ways to do that is to listen to wisdom from other people who have gone through the same thing.

Today, we are gathering up some of our favorite lessons learned shared by bloggers and reporters across the web. These tips can help point you in the right direction, so you are more prepared on moving day.

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10 Things to Consider Before Relocating for a New Job

Relocating for a New Job

There are many reasons why a person may need to pick up and relocate to a completely new area, and chiefly among them is a change in jobs. Whether you are considering transferring to a new city within your existing company, or changing companies altogether and relocating for better opportunities elsewhere, there are a few things you should consider before pulling up stakes and heading out.

Here are 10 of the most important questions to ask yourself.


How Much Will This Cost?

How Much Will This Cost?

It can be very difficult to accurately assess moving costs, as they tend to happen over a long period of time, as opposed to all at once on moving day. It’s true that the bulk of the spending will happen on the day that the truck is being loaded, but there are a lot of expenses to consider before and after your move – many of which are often overlooked.

For example, do you need to buy furniture, appliances or utensils to make your new home functional? These purchases usually start when the move is still a few weeks away, so that when you arrive at your new location, you can begin setting up your home. Try to get a ballpark estimate of what you will be spending on furnishings, and remember to account for the extra cost.

And don’t forget that utility companies charge extra to either switch over or begin your service to a new location. All of these “one-time fees” can pile up and wind up costing several hundred dollars by the time it’s all said and done. Ask about these fees as you call utility companies, so you won’t be caught off guard.

Lastly, find out how much, if any, your new job is willing to help cover these expenses. If the move itself will end up putting you in a large amount of debt just to get there, it may not ultimately be worth it. Most companies understand the challenges and expenses associated with moving, and many offer employees a stipend to compensate.

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Indoor Activities for Kids in Chicago

Kids activities in Chicago

Chicago is a city which offers families dozens of parks, hiking trails, amusements, gardens, and playgrounds. However, being part of the midwest, Chicago can also serve up some truly nasty winters, and extreme summers. We all know that outside play is healthy and necessary for kids, but when the weather conspires against you, what can you do?

After you’ve made Playdoh on your stovetop for the 5th time this month, after you’ve been through every piece on construction paper in the house, after you’ve completed every puzzle you could find, it’s time to get out. Ask any stay at home parent what it’s like to be housebound with little ones for days on end, and most will admit that they’d give anything for a chance to get back outside.

Each parent probably has a few go-to solutions for rainy day activities, but these can get old after a while. Certainly, many indoor play solutions come with a price tag, and it’s perfectly understandable that you’d want to add some less expensive options to your repertoire.

Luckily, there are some wonderful indoor activities for kids in Chicago (and their parents) which can help break up the cabin fever, and allow kids to burn off some of that excess energy. Many of these locations are pretty budget-friendly too, which is especially helpful for larger families.

Here’s my list of the best things to do on a rainy, or windy, or snowy, or scorching Chicago day.


Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports - Indoor Play Places

Source: http://nil.skyhighsports.com/

Ever heard the term “bouncing off the walls”? Parents know all too well what that looks like when kids have been stuck indoors for too long, but what if you could take them to a place where they (and you!) could actually bounce off some walls?

Sky High Sports is an indoor trampoline park complex, where the trampolines stretch from wall to wall… and then continue up those walls on an incline. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a trampoline yourself, be prepared for an excellent workout. Your kids will get the chance to run themselves ragged too, but in the best possible way.

There’s a foam pit for kids to jump, flip, or vault into, an obstacle course, and even a few dodge ball arenas. After a few hours here, “excess energy” won’t be an issue anymore.

Location: 6424 Howard Street, Niles

Website: http://nil.skyhighsports.com/


Hamill Family Play Zoo at Brookfield Zoo

Brookefield Zoo

Source: https://www.czs.org/Brookfield-ZOO/Home

The Brookfiend Zoo itself makes a great destination, but when the weather is a little too harsh for your little ones (or the animals!) to be outside, there is still plenty to do in the Hamill Family Play Zoo section. This is an indoor area specifically aimed at younger kids who may get a little overwhelmed by the zoo in its entirety.

Kids can become animal explorers, and find out how to track our 4-legged friends by following footprints. For a more hands-on activity, kids can participate in activities that allow them to build different animal homes, and even meet and pet some friendly animals too.

Location: 8400 W. 31st St., Brookfield

Website: https://www.czs.org/Brookfield-ZOO/Home


Kids Island

Kids Island - Fun indoor places

Source: http://chicagokidsisland.com/

If you’re dreaming of the beach on a dreary, February day, why not take the kids to an indoor beach right here in Chicago?  Kids Island is a wonderful indoor play space offering kids the chance to try out all sorts of toys and activities. Although, among the many fun attractions, the crown jewel of this venue is undoubtedly the amazing indoor sandbox.

If sitting in the sand with a dozen preschoolers isn’t exactly your thing, fear not! Kids Island also happens to be a cafe. Parents can meet up for some much-needed coffee and adult conversation while the kids build castles and dig. This can be a great chance to set up some adult “play dates” of your own, or just to make new connections with new friends.

Kids Island even offers some short-term babysitting services, so if mom or dad wants to pop next door for a little shopping, you can take advantage! This is especially helpful during the holidays.

Location: 1358 W Webster Ave. Chicago

Website: http://chicagokidsisland.com/

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24 Home Organization Ideas

Home Organization Ideas

Ask any homeowner if they are in need of home organization ideas, and chances are pretty good that they will respond with an emphatic “yes!” Live anywhere for long enough and you will eventually accumulate more stuff than space. It’s a problem that can sneak up on you gradually, until one day you find yourself standing in the middle of your kitchen with a giant serving platter, and absolutely nowhere to put it.

When you take a step back and think about all of the different things you have in your home, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are facing some organization and storage headaches. Everything from holiday decorations, to lawn equipment, to formal attire, to power tools, to photo scrapbooks need to have their own place. If the system you currently have going isn’t working, it’s probably time for a storage overhaul.

With that in mind, here is our list of the 24 cleverest home storage ideas we’ve seen, organized by category. Somewhere on this list there is going to be a solution for your specific problem. Take a look and get some ideas.

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Moving is Complicated – These Moving Tips Makes it Easy

Worried about putting your whole life into boxes, and carrying it to a new place? Lots of people are. Moving to a new home is disruptive, but it doesn’t have to be chaotic. Here’s our 50 best moving tips to help make sure you have a smooth transition, with minimal stress.


1. Budget and Research
Before you do anything else on this moving checklist, begin researching moving companies in your area. This will help you get a good estimate of how much the process will cost, and you can begin budgeting right away.


2. Create a Moving Binder
Set aside an easily accessible binder or folder. Keep all of your moving related information here, especially any quotes or other necessary paperwork from the moving companies you’re researching.


3. Hire Reliable Movers
Hire Reliable Movers

After deciding on a company with excellent customer service, competitive rates, and a reliable track record, put down a deposit to reserve your moving date as soon as possible.


4. Take Extra Care with Specialty Items
A reputable moving company will have specialized knowledge on how to handle particularly delicate items such as pianos, computers, or automobiles. Make sure that you and your movers have a plan in place to transport these items safely.

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Stop Spinning Your Wheels. Use Our Moving Checklist to Stay Focused

Moving Checklist

Anyone who has ever had to pack up their entire life into boxes already knows that the potential for stress and disorganization is sky high. Honestly, for a few weeks, it can get to feeling like you took on a second job.

But it doesn’t have to be so rough. What you really need is a lens to focus all that nervous energy, and a guide that spells out every step. This way your move can be more about excitement and anticipation, and less about headaches and time crunches.

We have compiled a moving checklist which keeps the chaos at bay. After years of helping countless families through their new beginnings, we’ve gathered a ton of useful information that we’d like to pass on to you. Find a spot in your house to pin this list, and check it regularly to make sure you are staying on track. Oh, and remember to take it with you when you move – your work isn’t quite over the moment you turn the key on your new home…

Download our moving checklist

8 Weeks Before

Ready to rock?

____Begin Researching

Time for a little homework! Begin getting estimates from moving companies, and keep printouts of every estimate you get. You will also want to take this time to do a little investigating on your new neighborhood. Is there anything that might affect the moving quote? For instance, are you moving into a three story walk-up?

____Create a “Moving Binder”
Create a Moving Binder

Set aside a binder, or file folder to keep track of any receipts, quotes, or other important documents that you will need to bring with you. You will need to access these more frequently than you may think.

____Haul out the Trash

Packing takes long enough as it is, so there’s no need to pack the things you don’t need. You might be amazed at how much “junk” you have accumulated over the years. Begin sorting and purging your belongings. Arrange for a donation service to pick up your usable items, and arrange for a bulk trash service to grab the rest, if necessary. If you have the energy, definitely plan a garage sale!

____Transfer School Records
Transfer School Records

Get in touch with your children’s schools, and arrange to have their records forwarded to their new school.

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Moving Myths Debunked

There are those who spread rumors about packing and moving that would make a person think that relocating is more trouble than it what you might originally think. We’re going to debunk some of those myths that have been floating around the rumor mill to allow you a clearer mind when it comes to your next move.

Moving Myths

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About to Move Long Distances? Here are the Things You Need to Know

Relocating from one property to another can be a hassle, even if you’re just going to move from one side of town to the next. What can be made even more difficult is when you’re about to relocate to another state. If so, then you will have your hands full with a whole bunch of stuff, and the idea of packing your stuff will perhaps be the least of your worries. But like with any challenge, there are ways to make it less stressful in your part. Interested yet? Then read on.

Move Long Distance

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Moving Out Soon? Here’s How to De-Pet Your Apartment

Moving with Pets

If you think that finding a dog-friendly apartment was challenging enough when you first moved into the city, but when you are about to move out and change locations, there is more work that needs to be done. What you do not want is to be charged for damages and messes that may have been left behind by your K9 companion. Therefore, you should take some time to de-pet your current apartment before moving to your next place of residence.

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When You Should Start Looking for Other Job Opportunities When You are Moving

Moving and Finding a Job

When you’re planning on moving, many ask themselves as to when would be the best time to look for a new job? What’s the best way to do a job hunt long distance? Also, how much in advance should you start a job search? Read on to find top tips to assist you in searching for a job when you’re moving.

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